Let’s say you have joined an affiliate program and identified an affiliate product. Then, for sure your ultimate aim will be to make money by selling that affiliate product from your blog.

You spend lot of time, wrote a detailed blog post about the product and added the affiliate link in it.

Though promoting a product will be the ultimate goal of your blog post, there are cases where your visitors may not buy the product that you are promoting.

Yes, you are losing opportunities here and your hard work may go waste.selling online

So the question is, which is the best way to sell an affiliate product from your blog post?

Method #1: Sell affiliate products which are related to your audience.

You are promoting a product on your blog.

The very first thing is, make sure that the product is closely related to your readers or target audience.

Ask these below questions, before adding an affiliate link:

  • Do this product solves my readers problem?
  • Do this product gives an effective solution?
  • Do this product is best in the industry?
  • Simply, you have to be a good affiliate marketer.

By answering these questions, you are making sure that the affiliate product is closely related to your readers.

The end result is that, you are increasing the chances of selling affiliate product from your blog post.

Promoting relevant products won’t hurt the visitor and in fact, it “adds value” to them.

Similarly, make sure your blog post has enough information to the user. For example, your blog post shall be a product review, case study or it should directly address the reader problem.

If you refer to Google’s quality guidelines on affiliate programs, it states the following:

Good affiliates add value, for example by offering original product reviews, ratings, navigation of products or categories, and product comparisons.

Also, it states the following about “thin affiliate pages.

Examples of thin affiliates:

Pages with product affiliate links on which the product descriptions and reviews are copied directly from the original merchant without any original content or added value.

Pages of product affiliation where the majority of the site is made for affiliation and contains a limited amount of original content or added value for users.

Next time, if you refer an affiliate product, make sure you are following these above guidelines.

It also improves the overall user experience of your blog post.

Method #2: Sell affiliate products that you have used or experienced with it.

This is one of the best method to increase the chances of selling an affiliate product.

Many of the pro-affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn advice this strategy a lot.

  • Only when you use a product, suggest to your readers.
  • This way, you will be having more experience with that product.
  • Hence your thoughts about the product will be deeper and you should be able to share a lot of information about it.
  • Your readers will also understand more about it and triggers/convinces them to buy it.

Now-a-days, I am strictly following this method in BlashO. I always promote products which I have experience with it.

Take a look at the BlashO’s tools page.

Method #3: Publish a video review about the affiliate product.

You can quickly shoot a review of the product and upload it on YouTube.

Now-a-days, people want to see it before buying.

You can also embed the video in your blog post. For sure, it helps your readers to quickly explore about the product and triggers their interest. Apart from blog post traffic, you can also attract YouTube viewers to your blog.

For soft products, you can quickly record your screen using camstudio or for physical products you can follow this advice from Vlogger Pro.

Make sure you,

  • add call-to-action in your video that should make the viewers to click on your link or take an action
  • explain your personal experience in the video including the drawbacks or flaws

In short, product reviews has to be genuine.


Though there are many other ways to sell an affiliate product like: showing banners on the sidebar, banners below blog posts – these are blind ways – mostly it will be waste of time.

Hence the best ways are:

  • Sell affiliate products which are closely related to your blog topic and your readers
  • Sell affiliate products that you have personally tried, used, benefited from it
  • Sell an affiliate product which is best in the industry
  • Add a detailed review post/video

Good luck.


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