Keywords are the source to get targeted traffic either to your web site or to your Ad campaign. If you don’t focus on right keywords, for sure you will see bad results. So selecting the right keywords and using them appropriately yields you more targeted traffic, more money.

To begin with, “keywords are the source of targeted traffic & targeted traffic is the source of profits”. Now the question comes, how to select such keywords to get targeted traffic ?

2 Approaches to Identify Targeted Keywords.

The first step in selecting the keyword, starts with Identification. Simply, you have to come up with the list of keywords. These keywords should be more closely related to your topic or product. So make this list, there are two approaches as below.

1) Predicting as a Visitor.

In this first approach, think like you are a visitor of your page. Keep your mind like a visitor and list down the possible set of keywords that you will use or search in order to arrive to your page. Either your article or your sales page, do a prediction and list down the possible set of keywords that tells or resembles your page.  This is the master keyword list.

  • For example, if you are looking to sell financial books then your keywords should be like “buy finance books”, “buy personal finance books”, “best finance books to read” etc.

2) Using Keyword Tools.

The second approach (recommended one), simply use the tools to digg for keywords. But here, you have to use the master keywords that you have identified in approach one as input. The most popular keyword tools are Google Keyword Planner (free) and SEMRush Tool (free+paid).

  • First, give you master keywords as input and find more related keywords using Google Planner. Add all these keywords to your list. The best way to organize is using XL sheets. XL Sheet helps you to apply filter to keywords and to manage them easily. Do keyword analysis repetitively.Watch the below video on how to use Keyword Planner tool.
  • Second, use SEMRush to find the competition of that keyword. This is an important step as you can quickly avoid those keywords that are too much competitive in nature. Less competitive keywords are always easy to dominate.

Watch the below video to understand how to use SEMRush:

The best method is to combine both of these approaches and arrive to “targeted keywords” that are more focused towards your “goal”.

Keyword Experimentation.

Get ready with such laser focused keywords. Use the keywords on your Ad campaign or in your blog post title in a natural way. Now wait and see the results. For sure, you will see good results because the traffic that you are driving is purely targeted towards your goal.

Now, repeat the steps from the top and find more such keywords, use them and measure the results. Continue this experimentation in multiple rounds and finally, you will be in the best point of profit (making more money) ! Never stop experiments.


If you are confused with the steps, let me make it clear:

1) Think as a visitor and list down the keywords that you use to search on Google.

2) Find more related keywords using Google Keyword Planner.

3) Avoid highly competitive keywords using SEMRush tool in order to arrive at “targeted keyword”.

4) Periodically, repeat steps 1 to 3 based on how well your “targeted keyword” is performing.

Always keep in mind, 50% of success is dependent on using keyword and the remaining 50% depends on what really (its quality, demand) you are promoting.


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