SEO is one of the toughest yet funniest game of online business. Its the source of money making online too. Yes, either you run a web site or blog, promoting an affiliate product, all you need is Traffic -> Traffic -> Traffic.

What's the Role ?

What's the Role ?

Search Engines Are Stupid.

Especially, its the free source of traffic from search engines. Many web sites are dependent on SEO, even i too optimize the pages and content for search engines. That’s why i made a statement long back that: Search Engines are Stupid. Yes, because people are optimizing their pages for search engines and it lacks intelligent to find the right content.

But in practical, search engines are well intelligent to judge or differentiate between a spam page and a worthy page. Lets keep that topic aside and see the role of seo especially in making money online.

#1 Source of Traffic.

SEO is the source of traffic and almost ~70% of any content rich web site gets its traffic from search engines esp. Google, the leader in search engine solution. This traffic report here says, 41% of traffic is sourced by Google on a sample of 21 sites taken for the analysis. Ultimately, SEO plays the underlying game of driving traffic from search engines.

The better optimized pages (for keywords) gets the “Real Organic Natural Quality Traffic” and hence your site greatly makes money…because of targeted visitors.

#2 Quality of Traffic.

Search traffic or visitors coming from search engines are of high quality visitors. Another Quality Test between SEO and SMO (social Media Optimization) says that SEO driven traffic converts better when compared to social media traffic (from twitter/facebook etc). Its true that search engine users are more serious about the information they are looking. More serious users are turn to be quality visitors to our site and hence drives sales or converts.

Basically, the quality of traffic coming from SE’s are high, when compared to other sources of traffic. So SEO drives quality traffic…

SEO Vs Results Vs Money.

Its pretty clear now that SEO is the source of quality traffic. But the question is,

  • How long you have to perform SEO ?
  • When do we see the Results of SEO ?
  • When do i make money out of SEO activities ?

Its unnatural or tough to answer these questions. Because SEO is a Long term method marketing activity and you have to perform that life longer. Yes, it runs through out the life cyle of your online business site. The SEO step that you take today, may need 3-4 months to see the results. Sometimes, it takes years for your web site to reach the No.1 position in SERP of Google. In some other case, you never reach No.1 position.

  • Yes, this blog (eMoneyMakingOnline) recently reached the top 10 position in Yahoo for the “Money Making Online” related keywords. Its more tied to the number of competitors and the ranking factors fixed up by search engines.

Finally, the SEO effort -> the Results -> the Income (Money) are all interdependent and tied to each other. Better SEO efforts bring in great Results (more traffic) and your site earns good. Hence SEO plays a major role in money making online….100%



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