Categories are a way to group blog posts which are related to each other. This helps the readers to quickly identify the content they need on a specific topic.

It helps you to easily organize and showcase, all blog posts to the readers accordingly. In fact, you can show the list of categories in the sidebar or in the menu bar etc.How to Rename or Delete Uncategorized Category in WordPress?

In WordPress, you can create, delete, rename categories. You can create as many as categories you want and manage them according to your interests. However, WordPress comes with the default category name Uncategorized.

You can manage all the categories under Posts – Categories.

When you want to delete a category, just hover the mouse over a category name and you will find the Delete option. Interestingly, you won’t find an option to delete this Uncategorized category.not able to delete Uncategorized

In this article, I will take you through the steps to delete the Uncategorized category.

Step 1: Change the default category to other than Uncategorized.

In WordPress, always you can’t delete the default category that’s why you are not able to delete Uncategorized.

The first step, change the default category to something else other than Uncategorized.

Go to Settings – Writing, choose a different default category and save the changes.

Follow the below screenshot:change the default category

Now you have changed the default category to some other category.

Step 2: Now you can delete the Uncategorized category.

Go to Posts – Category again.

Hover the mouse over Uncategorized category, you will see the Delete option. Now you can delete it as shown in the below screenshot:delete option enabled for uncategorized

All the blog posts grouped under Uncategorized won’t be deleted or unaffected. That means if you delete any category, the posts under the category won’t be deleted.

No worries.

How to Rename Uncategorized Category?

Renaming the Uncategorized category is straightforward, just follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Posts – Category.
  2. Hover the mouse over Uncategorized category and click Quick Edit.
  3. Enter a new category name as follows:renaming a category in WordPress
  4. Click Update Category.


Renaming a category won’t delete or affect any of the blog posts grouped under it. You can rename the category as many times as you want without affecting any blog posts.

I hope the steps outlined in this blog post is helpful to you. Let me know if you face any issues in managing the categories.


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