Readability is the quality of being readable or easy to read.

When you are able to write blog posts or pages with better readability then great. People will appreciate your writings and more than that your content will reach the reader. That’s the most influencing outcome of maintaining a readable blog.

When I started blogging, I was totally new to writing and felt hard most of the time to write a readable content. Over a period of time, I started realizing the importance of publishing readable content. Not just about personal improvement, it’s more than that I mean using the right tools in order to fulfill the purpose.

  • When it comes to readability score, there are a lot of tools available on the web. However, when you are able to check the readability score directly from your WordPress dashboard then it saves you a lot of time.

Once you write an article, you can read it yourself and improve it – at the same time, when you have a tool to check the readability score it helps to improve it even better.How to check & improve readability score on WordPress?

How to check readability score on WordPress dashboard?

The easiest way to check readability score is using the Yoast Plugin. If you are already using the Yoast plugin then you can see the readability score calculated down the post editor.

Let’s get the steps to check the readability score:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Posts – Add New.
  3. Start writing your blog post.
  4. Once done, you can scroll down to Yoast SEO – Readability tab and check the following:
    1. The length of sentence – the plugin considers more than 20 words per sentence is higher.
    2. The length of the paragraph – helps not to clutter the content in front of the reader.
    3. The usage of sub-headings – more breaks with headings improve readability.
    4. Flesch readability score – a standard method to measure how difficult a passage is to understand.
    5. Transition words – helps to write a better flow of content.
    6. Passive voice – helps to check the usage of action words
  5. Now based on the above suggestions, you can re-write and improve your article again.
  6. Done.

The following screenshot shows how to check the readability score:check readability score in WordPress dashboard

You can also watch the below video which takes you through the steps:

5 Quick tips to improve the readability score of your blog post/page.

Now you are comfortable to check the readability score directly on the WordPress dashboard. Let’s see how you can quickly improve the readability score.

I have just 5 quick tips for you that work:

  1. Use short sentence – always make sure the sentences are short.
  2. Use simple words – just keep it simple. Don’t complicate it.
  3. Don’t overuse keywords – keep the keyword flow natural.
  4. Read yourself – never publish without reading it.
  5. Be smart – use the right tools (I use Yoast plugin and Grammarly for chrome)

Next time, when you write an article, please try the above tips and let me know, how you are able to check & improve the readability score.

Also, let me know, what tools you use to test readability?


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