Blog subscribers are the valuable asset ! The subscriber count shows, how the blog is helping the people and how they are impressed to follow a blog.

And this week, eMoneyMakingOnline.COM reached 3000+ subscribers (3059 readers as of today) ! See the below stats from feedburner.

Stats showing 3000+ Subscribers...

Stats showing 3000+ Subscribers...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers of my blog. I hope i will keep all these readers happy by serving useful information every time.

As a note, on October 2011 this blog reached to 2000 subscribers + it crossed the 1000+ visitors per day mark and now in the next 3 months, it reached to 3000+ readers.

Thanks to Super Popup plugin which increased the reader base as quick as possible, it is a must have free to use plugin. If you are not already using it, give a try !

When this blog was started, there were no one to read and i was simply writing articles for myself. Now this all happening because of Google’s traffic (to great extent) and support from every reader…Thanks to Google and every one !

In between, i am accepting lot of guest posts now-a-days, if you are interested to write, please have a look on the guidelines here.


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