You want to make quick money from quick traffic ? First of all, is that possible to get such quick traffic ? And, is that possible to convert that traffic into money ? Long back, we discussed on how to convert traffic into money ? that will you the general idea to convert traffic.

But gaining quick traffic is the most interesting part of managing a site. To answer all the questions, Yes. It is possible to make some quick traffic and to make quick money from that traffic. How To ?

To make this post quicker to understand, I have formulated 2 methods to gain quick traffic and making quick money. Lets see that in detail.

Quick Referral Traffic.

Referral traffic, is the one that your site gets from another site. Just putting your URL on a established high traffic site/page will definitely drives your site with quick traffic. So be the first person to comment with your URL.

Generally, blogger’s have the habit of commenting on others blog especially to gain bk links. But on a well established blog, if you are the first person to add a comment to the newly published post then you could expect huge traffic, right ?

Because, their readers after reading that post will find your comment and there are higher chances that they will visit your site. But the question is, how that traffic converts ? Its not all kind of traffic from first comment will convert. You have to target a solution through your comment CONTEXTUALLY.

For example, if your site is related to the topic “personal finance” then find out a well established site/blog on that topic and subscribe to their site. Be ready with a product review on your site with the affiliate links (better a product related to “personal finance”). So when you find a new post next time on that established blog, be the first person to comment on that with your URL. Then immediately go to your blog and publish the review post that has affiliate links. That’s it, now your post is contextually linked for conversion to that post.

The visitors coming to your site via your comment link may find your product and chances are that they will buy the product from your site (that’s money).

This method may look silly but it works. Though writing articles for article submission sites may drive some quick traffic to your site but this way drives you a quicker traffic WITHOUT MUCH EFFORTS ! (for lazy peoples :-))

Quick Hot Traffic.

The second method is simpler again. Generally, search engines (esp. Google) is more curious to find breaking news on the Internet. So write a breaking news about something on your topic or in your country (or the country from where your blog already gets more traffic).

Sure, you will be hit with huge spike of visitors from search engines. To find the hot topic on the Internet use Google Trends that shows the hot keywords that people are searching in Google now. Use that keyword in your post title and give a short write up on that breaking news. Of course, your site should have embedded with PPC ads already to make money.

The volume of traffic depends on the hotness of the breaking news. If you write a really hot news then you will get more traffic quickly, you will get more clicks on your ads and hence more money quickly.

Other than Google Trends, if you have the habit of watching daily news on TV just publish a fresh news on your blog that you like to share with others. This method definitely works and instantly you will get traffic.

There are numerous other ways in Internet to get quick traffic to your website. But in general, referral traffic & hot search engine traffic are the quickest method to get quicker traffic to your site & to make some quick money.

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