So your new eCommerce web site is up and running, what next ? When it comes to online based business, marketing and promotional strategies plays a major role in turning your business into success. Most of the beginners won’t aware of these strategies and leads to confusion in decision making as well as in moving the business in growth track.

Most people think their work ends once the web site is up. In actual, the real work starts only after your site is up.

In the case of eCommerce based business, you have to work a lot right from the earlier stage of business. Because, it involves lot of entities like managing the customer, serving their needs and solving their issues. It is more tied to the customer and you have to dedicate your time, energy for customers. Basically, planning helps a lot in effectively managing such eCommerce businesses.

In this article, i will take you through the ways to promote a brand new eCommerce business web site. These strategies works well through out the life cycle of your business.

Release Discount Voucher Codes.

Once of the quickest method to drive sales to your eCommerce site: release voucher codes for every product your sell. These are discount codes which helps the buyer to quickly grab an offer or discount from your site before placing their order.

Your buyer gets excitement to see last minute discounts. However, you have to make sure you are providing the right percentage of discount to the buyer and the right percentage of commission to the referral person.

As a new eCommerce business web site, you could release voucher codes for almost all the products available for sale and people do prefer to buy from you taking discounts. This is one of the quickest method to attract buyers to your site because most of the people are looking for discount or cheaper products every time.

Setup A Blog With Your Store.

Many of the eCommerce web sites don’t have blogs and i would say, that’s a major mistake. Blogs are live journals which helps to keep your business active and to share everything with your customers.

For an eCommerce web site, customers are the back bone and it is really required to get in touch with them always. Having a blog helps you to give updates to your customers and also, you could share the latest happening in your eCommerce business.

It actually helps to bring the customers close to your business and they love to get in touch with you. Further, blogs are major source of live traffic from search engines and social media tools like Twitter, Facebook.

  • A blog helps your business for the long run, you could go one-step further and give products updates through your blog.
  • This way, you could drive visitors related to your products and redirect them to the sale page.

For a new web site, having a blog helps to easily bring quick visitors who could turn into a customer tomorrow.

SEO – Have Detailed Product Description.

Not only for eCommerce based business, for any online based business SEO is the key driver. The major advantage of SEO is that you could drive visitors free of cost and that too for the long term. All you need to optimize your pages for search engines and add more detailed information about the products.

Show images, product videos and add lot of content which explains the product. This helps the customers as well as attracts search engine traffic.

  • The recent Google panda update had really affected lot of eCommerce web sites which have less or duplicate content. Have a look on the panda analysis report as well as importance of product description.

This clearly shows that you have to be serious with your product description. Having detailed content adds values to the visitor as well as it ranks well in search engines. If you don’t have enough content, go and add value – you should not miss search traffic because SEO has the power to generate lot of revenue and profits !

Run Targeted Ads on Adwords/Facebook.

Online advertisements are always meant for profits provided you are playing the right game. Yes, because you are investing money – you have to play wise in bringing the right people to your landing page and in converting them to sale.

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads are the two major source of Ad traffic in Internet and by refining the keywords (for Adwords), audience behavior (for facebook) you could easily bring targeted visitors who are willing to buy products from your site.

I would say, this is more dependent on your advertising budget. If you are ready to spend money on advertisements, may sure your ROI is good.

  • As a tip, have separate landing pages for Ad visitors and test their behavior. There are lot of tools available for doing a/b split testing, make use of them so that you won’t loose your hard earned money on advertisements.

Capture Leads – Use it Wisely.

Capture EmailYou implement SEO, drive search engine. You run Ads, drive targeted visitors. The profits are purely based on the conversion. However, apart from conversion/sale, you should learn to hold the visitors coming to your eCommerce site.

Yes, i am speaking about list building. Ask every user to register to your eCommerce web site or its newsletter and hold them in your record. Once you started capturing their email ids, you could ping them any time with updates.

Further, you could go one-step further and send updates based on the peoples interest.

This way, you could quickly increase your audience base and also, keep them into your circle. Make use of premium newsletter services…

Benefiting With Seasonal Deals.

When it comes to eCommerce based business, one of the most important thing is: seasonal deals. During shopping seasons, you could do the best to bring lot of sales.

  • For example, Christmas holidays are meant for discount shopping. Utilize such seasonal time and work towards showing great discounts on every sale.

Also, consider giving gift vouchers or gift items to buyers so that they will be happy to come back to your web site. You could announce through your newsletter and tell every one that you have special offers during the shopping season.

Make use of these best seasons to show that you are in the market to help people with great products…

Show Related/Recent Products.

an active shopperThis is an idea to tweak your sale pages and to increase the chances of conversion. It is true that before placing an order, people do spend time in browsing through your web site.

  • Showing related products on every page helps them to quickly find products which are related to their interest. This triggers the visitor to buy more than 1 product.
  • For example, if you show the latest collection of Blu-Ray discs on the Blu-Ray disc player page, there are more chances that people will buy discs once they buy the player. Got it ?

Similar, have a separate section to list down the latest products or hot products on each categories which increases the chances of sale because people need products on latest configurations.

Always Monitor Your Competitors.

Every business has competition and when you are running an eCommerce web site, you will face lot of competition. Because now-a-days there are lot of tools available to build an eCommerce web site and hence there are many eCommerce sites in the market.

Unless you do something unique, you could not survey in the market. Spend time to see who are all the competitors and understand the competition – this way, you could tweak your strategies to stand out from the competition. Learn how to dominate and beat competition ?

  • Always compete with reasonable competitors, for example: you could not compete with Amazon, eBay on a global market or the biggest retailers like Tesco, Argos, Debenhams in a geographically targeted market like UK.

Finally, there are lot of work required to promote your new eCommerce business and all you need to Set Goals, Make Plan, Follow and Tweak your strategies until your reach the goal. Learn to avoid eCommerce business mistakes at the earlier stage of your business.

Have Great Day !

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