Owning a blog is always fun.

Managing a blog is even more fun.

Since I am technical personal with programming knowledge, I always see it as fun.

However, for those who are not from technical background may find it difficult to manage their blog. Because, at times you may have to do work which involves technical challenges.

For example, you must have to open the code and modify certain lines in order to achieve something mandate. That’s unavoidable if you are owning a blog.

In my case, I have been working with different programming languages for 12+ years since my childhood. I always find it fun to edit the source code and to develop something of my own.

I personally love it.

I think that’s one of the reasons that keep me going with my blog even though I am not very good in writing.

If you are a non-technical person then also you can well manage your blog. Platforms like WordPress had made life simple. Many of the non-technical blogger’s are successfully running blogs and earning millions from it.programming for blogs

Having programming knowledge is not mandatory for managing a blog. However, it is good-to-have. If you have at least the basic programming knowledge, you can handle many of the technical aspects of your blog without depending on anyone else.

You don’t even need to hire a developer and you can do many technical tasks yourself.

Or at least, you can better communicate with a developer.

As a technical guy, running blogs – I felt these are the programming languages that are good-to-know.

HTML Programming.

The markup language that the entire web is running by it.html programming

The basics of all web pages, HTML. If you know HTML, you can design your own pages. You can easily customize the design of your blog.

  • At the basic level, if you can identify that “this HTML code” is “creating this part of the web page” is enough.
  • With that kind of basic knowledge, you can modify “that HTML code” in order to “change the part of web page like this”.

The best place to start learning HTML is from w3cSchool or you can take a premium HTML course.

CSS Programming.

The style sheet language that can create fancy stuff’s on your web page. CSS helps to achieve great blog design. Without CSS, you cannot make your blog design, wow. Right from positioning to properties of every web page element, CSS controls it.css programming

  • At the basic level, if you can identify if I “change is CSS” then it will “change like this” then it’s enough.

I would say, CSS is just a set of properties and not even a programming language.

Hence it is easy to learn, you can start from this CSS course.

Or you can take a premium CSS course.

JavaScript Programming.

The actions that are happening on a web page are controlled by JavaScript. Like HTML, CSS – JavaScript also runs on the client side (on the visitors browser).

This is one of the real programming language, something similar to my favorite C, C++ languages. If you are 100% non-technical then at least you must know HTML, CSS first before learning JavaScript.javascript programming

  • At the basic level, if you can identify if I “change this script” then it will “affect this action” is enough.

You can learn JavaScript basics from mozilla and a premium JavaScript course.

PHP Programming.

JavaScipt runs on the client side were as PHP runs on the server side. It does everything related to database and creates webpage’s dynamically from the web server.

The whole web is dynamic by using this kind of server-side programming language like PHP. WordPress is built on PHP.

If your blog runs on WordPress then it is good to have PHP knowledge.php programming

  • At the basic level, if you identify “this part of web page” is created dynamically from “this PHP code” is enough to manage.

You can learn PHP from php.net and take an advanced PHP course.

MySQL Database.

MySQL is all about database management using a set of Queries. Queries are like simple sentences that can perform database operations on stored tables.sql db programming

It is not really required to know SQL however, it may help you to run certain queries directly from the MySQL admin page (very rarely).

  • At the basic level, if you can identify “this query” will do “this operation” is well enough.

You can learn SQL basics for beginners.


If you are running a blog, these are the 5 important programming languages that are good-to-know. Yes, it’s not mandate – it’s good-to-know.

In my case, I have 12+ years of programming experience with different languages including all these. Usually, I find it easy to manage my blog when it comes to any technical challenges.

It’s all about your own interest and mindset.

If you are really interested to understand, what’s really happening inside your blog then you can start learning all these languages. It takes some time – you must need hands-on experience. However, if you have the interest to learn, you can do it.

Hope I have helped you today to at least understand what are all the programming languages to study at the basic level – at least to manage your blog yourself.


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