Blogging is fun πŸ™‚ & blogs are meant for making profits. Now the discussion is focused towards, writing profitable blog posts. Having a good collection of useful blog posts will always strengthen your blog. That’s why, expert Internet marketers say, “Content is King“.

Okay, lets come back to the topic of profitable blog posts.

First, What Are Profitable Blog Posts ?

You do blogging for many reasons like:

  • You want to share your knowledge.
  • You want to write something.
  • You blog, to pass time.
  • You want Popularity.
  • You want Profits.
  • & many more reasons…..

So If you are a person, who blogs for profits ! then you are in the right page.

How ?

How ?

  • To define simply, profitable blog posts are meant for making money ! They are basically termed as “Money Pages” (in my own language).

When you are able to write tonnes of such “Money Pages”, ultimately, you are running a profitable blog. Now the question is, how to write such pages ? what are the key factors involved in making profitable blog posts ? Generally, such profitable post gets huge TRAFFIC ! which converts.

Let’s see it in a practical way !

How To Write Profitable Blog Posts ?

You are now clear about, what are profitable blog posts ? As mentioned earlier, they are high traffic blog posts.

  • I would say one step further, profitable blog posts are High Traffic + Effectively Monetized blog posts.

Define The Purpose of Blog Post.

First, before you write a blog post, decide its purpose. Without understanding the purpose, you could not provide valuable information to your readers. For example, a clear purpose looks like, “i will recommend a product A in this blog post which solves the problem A1”.

Use The Right Keyword.

Keywords are more important, in blogging. Keywords should exactly reflect the purpose of your blog post. Also, keep in mind that keywords are the source of search engine traffic. Use the keyword in the beginning of the title as well as in the body of blog post. Learn How to select Keywords ?

  • Convey your message clearly, short and simple. It helps the reader to understand your message better.

Monetize The Blog Post.

Content decides the 50% of your blog post profit. Effective monetization decides another 30%.

For example, when you are recommending a product through your blog post, “state the problem first”. Later, bring the product and tell your reader, how the product solves the problem ? This way, you are grabbing readers attention towards the product.

In other simple words, address the problem of your reader by showing the product.

  • Just add, 1-2 links to the product page (or affiliate link) at top & bottom of the blog post.
  • An image with a link, works much better (don’t forget to add a creative caption to that image) in terms of higher CTR.

What is That Remaining 20% ?

Yes, the remaining 20% of it depends on the “Viral Nature” of the blog post. That means, how the blog posts spreads over Internet. How it gets bookmarked ? The number of times the blog post get tweeted/shared etc.

More important, this 20% shall fully depend on, how the blog post ranks in search engines especially on Google ?

  • When the blog post ranks #1 in Google for the exact keyword that you focused, its the real “Profitable Blog Post” (Money Page in my style)…

When you want to build highly profitable blogs, you must concentrate on each and every blog post towards making them into profitable blog posts !



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