The greatest advantage of using WordPress is that you can simply do great design for your blog. Even if you don’t know anything about web programming or any of the scripting languages, you don’t need to worry. You also don’t need to spend more time cracking your head for making a great design for your blog.Image showing professional design

When I started blogging, all I used was freely available themes over the web. I felt they were really great at that time. Later, as time passed and I gained experience, I realized the importance of having great blog design.

Great I mean, “professional design”.

If you are a serious blogger then you must have a great design. It helps you to build lot more trust on your blog and you can even turn your personal blog into a business.

There are millions of WordPress themes available throughout the web and you get plenty of options to choose a best theme for your blog. The questions is, where to find such themes. I mean what all those trusted sources for WordPress theme download.

Official WordPress Theme Directory.

This is the most obviously place where a new blogger can find themes. There are thousands of themes listed on this official theme directory and you can download any theme for free.official theme directory

The filter option helps to find out themes according to your requirements.

You can choose the preferred Color, Layout, Features (like custom options, posting features, comment options etc.) However, I feel the options are not so great to find out the best theme.theme directory filter options

As a beginner and if are not more serious about blogging – you can go for free downloads from this directory.

Themeforest, Ultimate Professional Theme Directory.

One of the decent and my favorite site to find WordPress themes.

If you are little serious about your blog and blogging career then you must visit Themeforest.WordPress Themes From ThemeForest

Not only for WordPress, you can find professionally designed themes for other blogging platforms like Joomla, Magento and also, WordPress plugins, Web Scripts.

You can easily filter themes based on different categories like Magazine, Corporate, Photography, Tech etc.

I purchased many themes from themeforest and my favorite ones are: News Mag, Avada ThemeThe Features of Professionally Designed Avada WordPress Theme

The greatest advantage of these themes: they are made to easily customize the design without touching the code.

For example, Avada has more than 500 options, drag-and-drop features that helps you to quickly design a great blog + it helps to save you lot of time.

Elegant Themes, Professionally Made Simple Themes

With a single membership account, you get access to the growing number of professionally made themes and plugins. The themes are categorized as: App, Blog, Business, Magazine, eCommerce etc.

Their best design is put into the latest Divi WordPress Theme which can well compete with my favorite Avada Theme.elegant themes for professional design

Apart from these, you can also find plugins – Bloom eMail Opt-In is one to mention and worth, if you are seriously looking to grow your email list.

Conclusion – My Personal Advice on Theme Selection.

If you search Google for premium WordPress themes you will end up seeing thousands and thousands of themes. You will be simply confused and wasting your valuable theme.My personal advice on theme selection

I have experienced this lot of time.

  • If you are not a serious blogger then you can go for official WordPress directory to find a theme for your blog.
  • If you are little more serious about your blog and want to grow it as a business then better go for paid themes. In that case, Themeforest is the only place which can fulfil all the requirements of your blog design.

I am not forcing you to buy anything here, you can go and browse the Avada theme features – you will be amazed by it. You will fall in love.

Hope I have helped you from my own experience to choose a best + professionally designed WordPress themes for your blog.

Good Luck.


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