Already have a WordPress blog? Looking to make it into a professional looking WordPress blog? Being professional is the key to showcase a brand either a “product” or “personally yourself”.

In fact, the world believes and admires professionalism.

It helps to build trust between your blog and its visitors.

In this article, I will take you through the simple steps which are easy to implement and the result, you can turn any normal WordPress blog into a professional looking WordPress blog.How to Make a Professional WordPress Blog?

Being focused on what you want to achieve from your WordPress blog.

The foremost step is to being focused.

Answer this simple question:

  • What do I want to do with my WordPress blog?

If you are not able to give a simple one-line answer then you are not focused.

Make sure you understood:

  • the purpose of your blog
  • the expectation from your blog

This way, you will be clear in each and every aspect of your activities in order to grow your blog.Infographics on Being Focused

What kind of design change showcases a Professional WordPress blog?

Your blog design creates the first impression to a visitor.

Once a visitor lands on your site, the first step, they decide your business based on its design.

Hence you should always take extra care about your blog design.

When it comes to WordPress, there are a lot of premium themes available in the market. You can simply switch to the best theme and turn your blog into a professional looking one.

I use the Avada theme and it has hundreds of features to customize the look and feel of my blog without touching the source code.

You can also explore the Themeforest marketplace as well as the Elegant theme marketplace for a professional WordPress theme.

Keep the following points in mind while choosing a professional design:

  • Simple design without heavy resources
  • Easy to navigate design “with a purpose”
  • Call-to-action at appropriate places
  • A logo for your blog

Improve the loading time of your blog with these simple tricks.

None of your readers like to browse a slow loading blog and they don’t wait for it too.

Loading time directly affects the user experience. It is also playing a major role in search engine ranking.

Hence you have to make sure that your blog is loading faster.

I followed a lot of methods to optimize the speed of BlashO and finally settled with the below approach:

Being polite and guiding the readers with appropriate “words”.

Words are powerful.

People search for information. They come to your blog to read content and hence whatever you write on it matters.

Like a real-world conversation, you have to communicate with the visitors in a unique modulation.

  • Have your own voice and approach.
  • Be unique.

This way, people who come to your site will remember the communication and the uniqueness of your words.Power of Words - Infographics

This builds trust and also, shows that you are different.

  • Naturally, it looks professional.

Be polite and always guide the readers through appropriate words towards taking an action as expected.

Have an about us page, contact/support page and social profiles.

Having an About page clearly communicates to your readers that “what you are?” and “why you are?”.

It emotionally brings the reader close to your blogging goals.

Having a contact us page helps the visitors to contact you for anything they need. It initiates a personal contact with you and also, helps you to understand the visitor’s expectation and support them. You will get to know what kind of questions they are interested to get the answer from you.

Of course, you need a strong social presence in order to get connected with the followers.

An about page, contact us or support page, social profiles show that “you are there” and “you are active”. This naturally builds a trust, people see you & your blog as a professional.

Accept yourself that you & your blog are professional.

The above-mentioned steps are simple to implement right from design change, optimizing the load time and having appropriate pages created.

By doing so your blog:

  • looks professional
  • feels professional
  • speaks professional
  • and becomes professional.

Finally, you have to accept that your blog is professional, then only all your actions will be professional. Don’t doubt yourself and no one needs to award you that you are a professional blogger.

It’s you.

Your acceptance only.


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I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.

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