So far making money from your blog is a hot topic for many years. In fact, everyone running a blog will write at least once about this topic. That means it is a common fact or a well know topic that every blogger is aware.

I have written numerous articles on how to make extra money from home and most of time, I spoke a lot about blogging.

After taking a long break from blogging and when I resumed back in 2015, I planned to be more focused.

Today, I know the purpose of this blog, I know why I am writing here.

In fact, this topic is overlooked and hence I put a short guide for making money from blogs (in just 350 words). All you need to have your own strategy along with a blogging passion.

Further, a professional attitude in your blog may take you to the heights.professional

If you read many of the famous blogs, you will know how they are passionate about their blog and their writings. They are all focused on, what they want from their blog!

That’s the biggest learning today.

Running ads and selling affiliate products are the most common methods that everyone knows. In fact, they are the simplest and effective way to establish an income stream from your blog.

However, when you are more focused and having a professional approach, you can a build strong revenue stream from your blog “more than expected”.

Create Your Own Product.

#1 – Turn Your Blog Into eBook or Write it.

If your blog has valuable information then convert that into an ebook and put that for sale. Your visitor may find that more comfortable to read your blog offline to grab your great knowledge.

Or simply, you can take a specific problem in your niche and write an eBook which can solve it.

Make sure the problem is sensitive enough that people will be interested in paying for it.

Take help from other affiliates and promote that using your own affiliate system or through an affiliate network like Clickbank (that I am using it).

#2 – Develop a Software and Sell It.

This is purely based on your own interest and also, depends on the demand in your topic.

For example, I am focused towards bloggers who are owning WordPress based blogs.

I developed AffiLinker WordPress plugin and promoting it via BlashO.

I am also planning to launch a new blog traffic system once I bring back huge traffic to this blog.

Further, you can also bring in affiliates to promote your product.

This is the way to build huge wealth from blogs.

Build a Blog Brand.

Nowadays, blogging is not so easy especially to drive traffic from Google. Before 2012, it’s all about keywords. If you use keywords again and again, you were ranking higher.

Today, it’s all about the brand name.brand

If you search Google for the most common keywords, you will see most of the brands (within that niche) on the top 10.

SEO had evolved a lot towards brand value instead of keyword value.

Opening Online Consultation Service.

If you are an expert in your niche then this may work.

Open a consulting service and people may hire you for help.consultation service from blog

You could serve them for fixed price or based on the work you could charge them money. Starting a small service today may take you to open up a full-time consultation tomorrow.

Think for the long term, that makes more sense.


These few of the professional strategies to build a strong revenue stream from your blog. Yes, it takes time. You have to constantly work towards the growth in terms of traffic – product/service – conversion.

The simplest way is to look how established blogs are doing in your niche. See how they drive income – how they are spreading words about their brand – follow a similar suite for yours.

It works in the long run.


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I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.

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