So your brand new blog is up and you are a beginner blogger. Started posting few articles in a week or months. And you are heavily looking for making money from your blog. Also, you may be looking to buy a e-book or guide that teaches you on how to make money online ? Is that, right ? if the answer is Yes then I would warn you that you are not in the right track ! And you don’t understand, what is blogging for money !

If you are beginner and standing in that category then this article will helps you with the real practical Approach for making money and also to build a authority blog of yours.

Patience Is Blogging.

Many of blog and the topics are heavily occupied by competitors. So if you want to come up from the crowd you have to work hard and prove that you are having valuable stuff on your blog. Its not gonna happen in a day or two. It takes months, sometimes years too. That’s why blogging needs patience ! You have to wait for the results. For sure, you will see great results sooner, if you are working with patience.

Optimizing The Blog For SE.

Search Engines (SE) are the most important source of traffic to your blog especially Google. So optimize your blog for search engine. Find out medium competition keywords and use them on your blog at reasonable amount of time. Don’t stuff your blog with keywords. Stuffing keywords won’t be user friendly and also won’t be search engine friendly. Read Google’s SEO tips first and tweak your blog accordingly.

Linking In & Out.

Linking the most important factor in making a successful blog. You should not miss your blog content available inside,  you should link from your own articles to another article. Link contextually i.e., link to related content on your own blog. Also, give out few outgoing links which are relevant and useful to your blog readers. Try to create quality dofollow incoming links to your blog which gains the authority of search engines. Read this Link building guide which helps you A to Z in link building for your blog promotion.

Importance of Content.

Content should be the top priority on your blog always. Without content, no readers & no money. So concentrate on producing useful blog content in and around the topic. Have a writing schedule and stick to that always. Work hard to produce quality and original content,70% of your blog income stands on content !

Effective Ad Placements.

So you have to work for the above 4 steps first so that you blog will be ready to get more traffic. Place the advertisements on the top of your blog making more visible to the visitors. Check out this page to learn the best location for ads. Always do experiments by changing the ad position and colors either Adsense or YPN or Adbrite or anything. Best optimized Ads definitely makes more money !

Go For Affiliate Promotion.

Clickbank, CJ are the gold mine today. Select a quality product related to your blog topic and put them on your blog. When you have enough traffic, you will see your income doubles by every month. Yes, that’s the effectiveness of affiliate promotion. So gain more traffic and promote related products, your blog will be making more money. I mean, don;t stop only with Ads, go for affiliate promotion also.

Sell Ad Space On Your Blog.

Put a Advertise Here page on your blog. Publish your traffic statistics on that page and fix a rate for private ads. This way you could double your income. Yes, many of the successful blogs are making huge money by private advertisements. So don’t miss that opportunity.

Final Thoughts….

Making money from blog is fun and it takes time to pick up. So beginners, don’t overlook for money in the starting stage. Instead, focus toward producing useful content and blog promotion. Over a period of time, your blog rocks and your will be making money online by double or triple times every month !


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