Running a blog or a web site is not a tough job any more, provided you know the right steps and the courage to work hard. Income from a blog has no limit and highly depends on your own strategy. Especially, how well you are monetizing your blog and the nature of traffic decides your income.

When it comes to online income, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads like Adsense and Affiliate marketing are the best sources of income which has the potential to turn yourself as a successful entrepreneur.

As a beginner, people do start with PPC ads especially with Google Adsense. The very first adventure?? would be getting Adsense Approval.

Many of the beginners are struggling to get it approved.

Even when I started blogging with blogspot, I applied for adsense with my junk blogs and never got approved. That was a biggest challenge at that time. Even with Adsense, you may not make a big income at this earlier stage. Because you will be paid with few cents and your income never crosses $10….Yes, this happens to every beginner and most of the people quit blogging.image shows comparision

I started small and now grown bigger & growing faster day-by-day, the level of my blog income is also growing day-by-day.

I would say, don’t go for PPC based monetization during the earlier stage of your site.

PPC (Adsense) Vs Affiliate – Volume of Income.

The volume of income between PPC and Affiliate marketing has huge difference. In fact, affiliate marketing is more profitable than running PPC ads in your site.

Lets see a short example comparing the performance of affiliate vs ppc monetization:

PPC Example:

Say, your brand new site gets 1000 visitors per month. And the click rate of PPC Ads is 3% on average and say, you will be paid $0.05 per click.

  • Number of visitors per month = 100000
  • PPC Click-Through-Rate = 3% = 100000 x 0.03 = 3000 clicks.
  • Cost-Per-Click = $0.05
  • Total Earnings per month = 3000 x 0.05 = $15oo

Affiliate Marketing Example:

Take the same brand new site which gets 1K visitors per month. Now, say you get 10% CTR on your affiliate link (CTR is more becoz link is embed into content). And say, the conversion (or sale) is only 2% and commission-per-sale is $50.

  • Number of visitors per month = 100000
  • Affiliate Link, Click-Through-Rate = 10% = 100000 x 0.10 = 10000 clicks.
  • Commission-Per-Sale = $50
  • Number of sales @ 2% rate = 10000 x 0.02 = 200 sales
  • Total Earnings per month = 50 x 200 = $10000

Finally, you blog can earn $1500 with Adsense and the same blog can earn $10000 with Affiliate Marketing. Which is better ? Yes, it’s Affiliate Income which is more than PPC income.

3 Tips To Effectively Increase Your Income.

It is clear that affiliate income is comparatively better than PPC income. Now the question is: how to effectively increase your income ? The following 3 tips will help you on this regard:

  1. Forget PPC As a Beginner – In the earlier stage of your site, don’t go for PPC Ads. Never think of any ppc programs like Adsense, Infolinks etc. This definitely kills your own productivity.
  2. Add Value to your Site – Forget your earnings and work on adding value to your site. Publish useful articles every day which should help the reader and at the same time, spend time to market your site – Basically, work towards increasing traffic (learn to get more blog traffic).
  3. Contextually Promote Affiliate Products – The best method is to promote affiliate products which are related to your site. For example, if your site is about dating – sell ebooks/guides which helps in effective dating. This way, chances of increasing affiliate sale is more than usual.


Finally, don’t expect to earn more from your brand new site in the earlier stage. Focus towards adding more useful content to your site and work towards increasing the traffic. Promote affiliate products which are related to your site. Once your site reaches a certain level of traffic (say, 1K visitors per day) – you could enable PPC Ads along with affiliate promotion.

This way, comparatively you could earn better in the earlier stage as well as you could grow yourself to reach the next level of income….All these takes time and important, you have to blog consistently.


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