What is Plugin in WordPress? Simple Steps to Install Plugin

//What is Plugin in WordPress? Simple Steps to Install Plugin

A plugin is a piece of software that provides a specific functionality. In WordPress, plugins are software which enables extended functionality to your WordPress blog.

Most part of a plugin is coded using PHP.

For example, if you want to show a popup on your WordPress blog, the WordPress core doesn’t have that functionality hence you can install a plugin to show popups. There are free plugins as well as premium plugins.What is Plugin in WordPress? How to Install it?

The official WordPress plugin directory has the list of all plugins available for download. All the plugins listed on this directory shall be downloaded free of cost. Most of the plugin developers provide additional functionality to their plugin as a premium service and hence you have to pay in order to use those additional functionalities.

Few examples of WordPress plugins:

  • Jetpack – this is an all-in-one WordPress plugin includes features for design, marketing, security.
  • Yoast – this is one the famous SEO plugin which takes care of complete search engine optimization for your blog.
  • AffiLinker – this is one of the affiliate link management plugin, using it you can quickly monetize your WordPress blog.

Steps to Install a Plugin on your WordPress Blog.

Based on the required functionality, the first step is to find what plugin to use. You can simply search the plugin directory and find out a plugin which promises the required functionality.

Installing a plugin means nothing but setting it to work on your blog.

Let’s see the steps to install a plugin (I am taking an example of the affilinker plugin) :

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Plugins – Add New.
  • Search for the plugin name. For example, “affilinker”.
  • Click Install Now.Steps to Install WordPress Plugin
  • Click Activate. Done, plugin installed successfully.plugin installed successfully

Hope you understood what is a plugin? and how to install it on your WordPress blog.

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