As part of the Make Money from Android App series the next step is,  planning your App Interface and finalizing the App features. So you are ready with an App Idea and understood, gained confidence that it works.

I have classified this step into two parts: first, list down the features and second, sketch the Interfaces to design the App.

You have to be clear with the “purpose of your App” and “what your App will do for the user” because this leads to perfect planning.

List Down the Features of Your Android App.

Once you are clear with the purpose of your App, you can easily list down its features. Just try to answer the below questions, it will be enough.

  • What is the purpose of your Android App ?
  • What are the problems you are trying to solve with your App ?
  • Who are all the target audience and what kind of audience they are ?
  • List the steps/flow on, how the user will use your Android App.
  • What are all the inputs required to your App ?
  • What are all the outputs from your App ?
  • What are all the external communications/dependencies of your App ?

The answers to the above questions are the list of features/functionality of your Android App. If you are getting even more questions, ask yourself and try to answer them.

We are preparing this list so that you can easily develop the App yourself or give them as input to the developer.

Sketch the App Interface (or GUI).

Straight to the point, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of your Android App must be user-friendly, it should look elegant. That’s it.

You can simply make a rough sketch of the interface using any image editors or doc editors.preparing-the-interface

There is a free tool specially developed for UI design, you can also give a try. If you are not a tech user then simply use any drawing tool that you are comfortable.

Make a rough sketch of the inputs and output, that doesn’t needs to be complete, at least for the developer should understand your expectations.

You can also look into some free Apps available in the market to understand, how their interfaces are made, this gives more better idea for your App.

Classify Free, Premium Features.

If you are planning to release a free-App then this step is not required.

If you want to release a premium version of your App (paid-App) then you can classify the features that are free-to-access and the features that are paid-to-access.

When you think this now itself, you can guide the developer accordingly so that you don’t get into mess, while monetizing your Android App later.

Hope you are clear with the planning steps, collect as much as data you can in this step which definitely helps you and the developer to build a successful Android App.

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