I know you have a personal blog and you used to write everything you know or like. And now you are thinking to turn that into a business blog in order to make money, is that correct ?

If yes, then you are into the right page. Most of the bloggers start blogging as a hobby work and used to write personal stuffs right from their cats to girls, everything they like.

However, now you are looking to turn your blog into a business – yes, it requires lot of refactoring work. And don;t worry, that’s not a tough job. Simply follow the below ideas you can definitely turn your personal blog into a business one.

Blog Topic Matters (Identify Primary Topic).

Whenever a person blogs, she or he is actually making an article or a composition about something and that something is the most important part for you to turn your blog into business. Topics must be interesting, it must get the attention of the readers and not only to get their attention but also to force them unconsciously to read the whole blog and after that they will surely wait for more stuffs from yours.

Bit confusing ?

Choose the right topic, you must take down several unwanted topics by eliminating those less catchy ones.

Just go through your list of existing articles and find the most covered topic in your personal blog. You can turn your blog to cover more on that topic – because you have already loved that topic to share with every one.

Basically, for a blog to become a business, it has to be on-topic focused on a market (or we call it as Niche).

Simply, make your blog specific to a primary topic.

Learn how blogging on specific topic helps you to grow your blog towards income.

Re-categorize Your Existing Articles.

Re-write old articles and make them look as if they were not different from the primary blog topic. By doing this, you are actually changing the impact of the article to your readers while maintaining its essence or its original meaning.

he is trying hard to bring up his business....

he is trying hard to bring up his business....

If you see a non-relevant article (widely differed from you primary topic), delete it from your blog. Or simply move those articles to a new category “miscellaneous”.

Re-write the articles which are closely related to your primary topic. If you have already written great then don’t touch them.

  • Make a hierarchy of categories keeping your primary topic as the main category.
  • Put all the sub-topics of your primary topic as a new blog category.
  • Revise every blog posts you already published and now put them into the right category.
  • This way, your personal blog gets structured according to its primary topic.

Hope you are getting my point.

Add more “Purposeful” Articles.

Since now your blog is becoming a business, you have to focus on the audiences from today.

Identify the purpose of your blog, whether you want to sell digital products or to you want to make ad revenue.

Keeping that Purpose mind, write more articles on the primary blog topic.

This way, in few weeks your blog will get its target audience who are willing to buy products from your blog or meeting your purpose. You should learn to write profitable blog posts which helps to earn good from your blog.

Traffic is Key to Business.

Traffic is the driven factor for any online business.

For your business blog to grow, it needs lot of traffic. The visitors should also be related to your blog’s primary topic.

There are many ways to promote your blog and search engines are the major source of traffic. Even this blog gets lot of traffic from search engines especially from Google.

Read this another article to Get more blog traffic. Learn SEO and Social media marketing to widen your blogging knowledge.

Launch Your own Digital Product.

If you think you can, then why not?

Compile all your articles, categories and launch it over the Net as an ebook or write new articles only for your ebook. It will not only make you known to many people as well as online but you will also earn big cash.

I tell you that it is worth the risk you already gave everything for that, didn’t you? so why hide it, if you can show it to the world. There are lot of sites to create ebook online – go through that list and pick one to publish your first ebook.

Promote that ebook from your blog, you can also promote through affiliate networks like CB, CJ – Niche ebooks are always profitable !

Brand Your Blog.

Go and kick out your old design.

Pick a great and premium design for your blog.

Create a logo, create a slogan and choose wise color for your blog to make it branded.

Have a look on this another article on steps to brand your blog !


Finally, you have made a right decision today to turn your personal blog into business. More important, make a plan and decide, what you want to achieve from your blog.

Keep the plan for long term and break it into short term goals (day-to-day activities).

It takes time to build a successful blog, you have to write persistently with useful articles every day. Learn to market your blog from scratch and follow the advices given in this article, in few months your personal blog earns your great income as a business !

Good Luck.


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