Currently, I am looking for affiliates who are willing to promote AffiLinker WordPress Plugin. This is a premium WordPress plugin developed by me and it is already released in the Clickbank market. It helps every WordPress blogger to make a lot of money by quickly monetizing their blog.

How you can make money now ?

As I mentioned earlier, the WordPress plugin is listed in the Clickbank market and you can pick your hop links to promote this WordPress plugin.

  • Presently, I am sharing 50% commission and the cost of this plugin is $47.
  • You get nearly $21.24 per sale (based on Clickbank’s commission policy). If you drive just 10 sales you can make $212.4 and if you drive 100 sales you get $2,124 which will be a decent income for you.

You can sign up below to become an affiliate now….

Avg $ per sale = $21.24

Avg $ per 100 sales = $2, 124

Avg $ per 1000 sales = $21, 240

All you have to sign up to above form by simply filling your name, email so that I can provide you more information/updates about this offer periodically.

  • There are lot of cool banners available, you can pick them and promote from your own blogs.
  • You can write a review about AffiLinker same like my review here and publish/share it with your readers to drive sales.
AffiLinker Affiliate WordPress Plugin

AffiLinker Affiliate WordPress Plugin

What is AffiLinker ?

The purpose of this WordPress plugin is to monetize a WordPress blog to great extent by converting the given keywords into affiliate links.

It is not just an affiliate link plugin, it has lot more innovative features: to create colorful interactive affiliate links which makes the blog visitors to click every affiliate link, advance link placement options and to show affiliate link cloud in the blog sidebar/footer etc.

There are lot more features that you can find out here. Further, I have created a video which shows the demo of the WordPress plugin, watch it and understand its functionality.

You can find more information from the AffiLinker Affiliates Page.

This is a mutually benefiting strategy so that you can also earn good money by promoting AffiLinker WordPress plugin.

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