There are situations where you want to configure the number of blog post appearing on your homepage. In the initial stage of blogging with WordPress content management system, even i blinked my eye’s on how to control the number of posts ? WordPress is too flexible that you could take control of it properly as well as effectively.

How Many Blog Post Is Preferable ?

Before seeing this, it is good to understand that how many blog posts you should display in the homepage. It looks silly but it has an effect on SEO as well as in the page loading speed.

In terms of SEO:

  • The title of the blog post (generally, your theme shows them as H1 or H2 pages) matters because it decides the keywords you linked from the homepage of your blog.
  • Secondly, the content or the excerpt that you display for each post on the homepage decides the quality of content published on your homepage.
  • More content is always good and your homepage appears in SERP for more number of keywords because of higher probability with more content/keywords.
  • Generally, by default number of blog posts in homepage is configured as 10. Its optimal and preferred by many bloggers.

In terms of page loading speed:

  • In my blog, i have reduced the number of posts on the homepage to 6 and also, no thumbnail pictures. The reason behind this: page loading time. Yes, when i had 10 blog posts shown on the homepage, it takes more time to load the page. Because of the Thumbnail picture which is shown on the side below the post title’s. So when i reduce from 10 posts to 6 posts + removed thumbnail pictures, the loading time considerably reduced to great extent.
  • If you want to keep the load time reduced, its one of the option to reduce the number of blog posts on the home page.


  • If you reduce the number of blog posts to appear on the homepage, it actually reduces the number of links in your homepage too. Google’s quality guidelines says, “Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number”. It has advantages too.

Change/Configure Number of Blog Posts

Now you are very much clear about the number of blog posts in your homepage and the effects on your blog.  Let’s see how to configure the number of blog posts ? Its simple.

  • First, login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Settings -> Reading from the sidebar of dashboard.
  • There is a field, “Blog pages show at most” change it to the required number of posts. In the  below example, I have selected 5 as the number of posts to appear.
  • You are done.

change-number-of-blog-postsFinally, after changing the number of posts in your homepage, keep an eye on the effects. After a week or two, see the traffic statistics of your homepage and understand whether traffic had increased or decreased or its maintained in the same level. Because, its always a good habit for bloggers to measure the effects/results of whatever optimization you do.


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  1. Thanks. I’ve been looking for ways to do this. You make it a lot easier for me.

  2. tabulyogang - Reply

    Im trying to decide between 3 to 5 pages on my homepage. 3 is a bit small so yeah maybe i should go with 5. Thanks for the post. It is very helpful.

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