WordPress plugins are the way to extend the functionality of your blog.

The WordPress core contains all the major functionality of a content management system. However, when it comes to extended features or functionalities specific to your requirements, plugins are the way.

There are situations where you end up with not able delete a WordPress plugin from your dashboard. This may happen for various reasons, for example, there may be a broken piece of code or a site crash when attempted to delete a plugin.Fix for not able to delete plugin from WordPress dashboard

In this article, I will take you through the steps to delete a WordPress plugin, in case, if you are not able to delete it from the dashboard.

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your web hosting account.
  2. Go to the Cpanel and then open the File Manager.Open the file manager
  3. Navigate to the folder /wp-content/plugins/
  4. This is the place where you can see the list of all folders (each folder represents a plugin installed in your blog).
  5. For example, if you are not able to delete the plugin AffiLinker from WordPress dashboard then just select & delete the folder /affilinker.
    Select the folder and delete
  6. Now login to the WordPress dashboard, you will see that the plugin is deleted.
  7. Done.

The above cpanel screenshots are from SiteGround web hosting.

I hope this article helped you to delete any plugin that you are not able to delete directly from the WordPress dashboard.


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