This article is committed to those emerging entrepreneur’s who are looking for new website ideas which really makes you money! Every one of us will have new ideas in mind especially in your field of interest.

In reality, people don’t pay attention to their ideas at most of the time. We could not predict, how a “silly idea” may change your own life. That too applicable for online based web site businesses. With the evolution of blogs and social media tools, there is tremendous growth in the field of online business.

Interestingly, not all of your idea may work well. A bit of luck you need, at the same time, based on the market needs (that’s demand), the value of your idea varies. So I thought of sharing my own ideas which are most common yet worthy to try out on your next website. You can also take a look at my another article, more ideas for new website for today and beyond.idea-for-entreprenuers

#1 Trending Topics Are Meant For Profits.

Trending topics are always hot on Internet. It spreads faster and gains the attention of people quickly. People do follow trends in any industry and everyone wants to stay tuned for the latest information, news.

  • The idea is to focus a specific market, and share the latest trends. This way, you could bring a wider audience under your control by making them follow your web site. You could drive more targeted visitors to this kind of Trending Websites. Tools like trendsmap, Google trends, Twitter trends helps to identify such topics anytime.

#2 Discussion Forums (on future hot topics) That Grows By Itself.

Discussion happens on a topic and it never ends. Everyone will have a different opinion and always someone there to trigger debates. The idea is to start a forum on a “future hot topic”. Find out such future topics on Internet to start from today.

  • For example, 3D television’s are emerging and in 1-2 years the complete world will move into 3D entertainment.
  • Keeping that in mind, this will be right time today to launch a “forum on 3D” to get into the market earlier. So that after 1-2 years, your forum will lead the 3D television industry.

Think such future hot topics and launch a forum today itself. Tools like vbulletin, phpbb helps to setup a new forum in 1-2 days without much technical knowledge.

#3 Simply, Build Niche Websites.

The simplest of all ideas, building niche web sites or blogs. Many of the successful affiliate marketers are applying this business strategy. Build a tiny web site on a micro market and sell products focusing a small audience. Build 5-10 such websites, sit and earn money. This is a most common idea but it works only when you play the game of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) wisely.

Ranking your new website on search engines take a considerable amount of work and time. Once ranked higher, the results will be good and you can setup a solid income stream in your life.

#4 Web store To Sell Android/iPhone/Tablet Apps On Focused Market.

The market for Android, iPhones are trending a lot. It is expected to grow even wider in the upcoming years. Even now it’s late to get into this market, but you could easily fill gaps in the market. Focus a particular audience and sell hand-held applications to them.

  • For example, start an app store focusing “teenagers” or “woman’s” or “kids gaming industry” or focus “tablet-pc market (emerging one)” which definitely works well. Now-a-days, people are going crazy behind these kinds of hand-held applications.

An article on how to start iphone app business ? may help you on this topic.

#5 Amazon Product Website – Still it works !

Amazon still tops the race. The conversion rate on Amazon is higher when compared to other networks. People are more comfortable to buy products from Amazon. Simply, become an Amazon affiliate and promote all kind of Amazon products through your website. This business still works as long as you are able to drive visitors who are looking for products online (i mean buyers).

You can specifically focus on a certain set of related products and promote them. For example, you can pick sport & fitness category and promote the products from that category only. This way, the visitors coming to your website will be finding all related products, leading to targeted shopping.

#6 Simple Problem Solving Utility Websites.

Internet users are mostly looking for a solution to their problems. The idea is to take such problems and provide a solution.

  • A simple utility web site which takes input from the user and helps them to solve their problem. Few examples, a simple online tax calculator, online insurance calculator etc. focusing a particular audience works well.

These are “build and forget” kind of web sites which consistently grows in the market. One step further, you can pick an idea that will have demand for the lifetime so that you don’t need to spend a lot of time on the website. In fact, you can create an App along with the website in order to attract a lot of customers.

#7 Social Media Application Sites.

Social Media application or utilities are still in demand. Shall develop a simple web application which helps to manage social media tools like Twitter, Facebook on a single page. All you need to use their exposed developer API’s to build such tools. These kinds of tools are almost saturated in the market but still, you could narrow down to a specific market/audiences.

Further, you could go up steps further in linking multiple social media tools at one place.

Here are the simple examples of social media tools.

  • For example, you can create a new website to manage multiple social media accounts at one place or a tool to easily import or export content from social media websites.

#8 Market for Health Care – Still it works !

Whatever technology changes, the market for Healthcare dominates everywhere. There is always room to enter this competitive market but it’s worth investing your time and money. Again, you should always be focused on your idea towards a specific audience.

  • A simple directory to locate Specialized Doctors in your location or a directory to locate Specialized Consultants in your locality is few of the examples. You can also develop an App so that the users can easily access the information from their smartphones.

#9 Always Think, “Outside the Box”.

This is a general point, always think out of box. Don’t go by others directly instead, show a “slight variance” in what you are doing. That variance brings you the winning situation. Websites are meant for profits provided you are able to bring the right audience and make them satisfied.

Tips while implementing your New Website Ideas.

  • Idea That Never Goes Obsolete – Make sure your idea never goes obsolete or time bounded. For example, if you are implementing your idea make sure it goes live on today in 2018 and even beyond 2020 etc.
  • Plan all your activities and Goals – Make an action plan for your new website and stick to that until you reach your goal. Have reasonable goals that are achievable so that you can grow your new website consistently.
  • Think Long Term and Work for Long-Term – Always think for long-term results and don’t just think for today n tomorrow. Forecast your idea and work for long-term results, this way your new website takes the right path towards success.
  • Never Give Up – Never give up your new idea. Most of the cases, it takes time to bring up your new website so be patient and work towards the results.

To conclude, don’t just start a new website with an idea. Instead, spend quality time to analyze which idea works? which idea busts? and as an entrepreneur take a wiser decision, there’s no need to hurry !

Now, what’s your website idea ?



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  1. Gurdeep - Reply

    Useful ideas. Thanks for the write up !

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Good you found it useful, Gurdeep.

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    BEautiful written article, thanks for taking your time and sharing this wonderful article.

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      thanks for the comment Jay !

  3. Thanks a lot for the amazing article 🙂

  4. Excellent Reminder….. Thanks!

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    Great useful list. I liked the article. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Gurjaspal Singh - Reply

    Great Ideas. Social Media Application development is a very good idea. Thanks

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Yes, social media apps are booming a lot related to facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. As far as new features are coming from these networks, there will be demand for such apps.

  7. Arka Pal - Reply

    Great idea…i launch a website to help some student by giving some notes, books n also have entertaining some thing, my site theme is Study with entertainment like songs, video, movie, computer tricks….i have unlimited space so everyone can store there impotent thinks forever…we will backup the uploading file to the server in every 15 min….you can host you image and share it…and chat room like as a social network….with a personal email id….please give reply how is it???? please help me to do it,,

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Arka Pal, that looks to be a great idea. From what you have put, I can map that easily to a YouTube channel with additional features specific to students / education. You can easily set up such a network using an open source engine, there are a lot available mostly PHP based.

  8. Mukesh Dutta - Reply

    These are good tips to come up with new website ideas……..will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing!

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      Good that I helped you, thanks for the comment.

  9. Entrepreneur - Reply

    Hi Writer,
    Please don’t get me wrong on the below mentioned points on your blog.

    Now here is the thing since you are self made entrepreneur so you must be aware of abstract business terminology so you have used the same thing. You have mentioned the points which are well known among the common crowd and there is no reason to spend time on that. I am not sure you will find my post useful or not but please try to provide some fresh stuff on the business term. Since I have been trying to do business even online or internet based business but I haven’t got a single article useful. Every single person has copy and paste the things. Its just that they have changed bit words and formed those in their own way but again problem remain the same.
    Now I want to mention one more thing that people who are making money through website and internet they are not going to reveal their secrets among others. But whats the use of such article which is written by those who are not giving a proper direction or way. Now tell me something on internet or website business. Suppose I want to start a business but I found myself no where in the middle of this huge website world. From where I need to start and how I need to proceed? Do you have answer? Now here is another thing you might ask what kind of business I want to do on internet. So I want to mention few things like how I need to start affiliates marketing business? How can I start a gambling website?
    Again its my sincere request that please dont get me wrong but I just want to clear one thing that now audience want exact topics rather abstract ones.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Nicely said….few of my quick thoughts:

      – Not every one knows every thing, even people from that “common crowd” may not know certain things, so there is nothing wrong to share the basics and that’s why i wrote like: “i thought of sharing my own ideas which are most common yet worthy to try out”

      – You are true that most of the “beginners” (not “every” person) copy paste content from other blogs or they do re-spin to fill their blog.

      – Yes, most of the people won’t share the inner truth on how they are making money. Agreed.

      – If you want to start with affiliate marketing, you can find lot of resources in this blog (you can read this simple article to begin and also, check the Affiliate category for more).

      – I understood that you are looking for a collection of resources that helps to start and proceed in this world. You can find a lot on blogging, affiliate marketing, beginner related topics around through this blog that helps to start and proceed. However, i could not cover everything in this world and that happens slowly as my knowledge expands and what i experience from my online career.

      See you back.

      Thanks for sharing your insights, you can frankly leave your Name instead of putting it as “Entrepreneur”.

  10. Always Think, “Outside the Box”. Hard implement 🙁

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Agreed that’s hard. However, being unique may also go outside the box and easy to implement most of time.

  11. thanks for the got me fired up to do this..

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    Your style is very unique in comparison to other people I have
    read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you have the
    opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this blog.

  13. My Site
    implies the secound idea….

  14. esrilankans - Reply

    Quiet useful information, but i doubt if Point number 5 (Amazon Store) still works. Forums are the best in my opinion.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Amazon based stores can work still provided you are adding unique product descriptions instead of copying from the original product page. Instead, you can also drive it through facebook traffic.

      I believe, building a forum from scratch is real tough unless you “already” have a huge audience/traffic.

  15. very good article…..since i have to build a new website for my projects…i was searching about new topics !!!

  16. I think the SEO business is getting a bad reputation from the
    amount of cowboys and outsourced companies currently set
    Added a share on my Facebook, hope thats okay!

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      That’s right Clark. the SEO industry is always dynamic and there are a lot of new business ideas based on the latest trend. I hope that’s the major reason a large number of outsourced companies are being setup.

      Thanks for the share.

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