We have got a new version of AffiLinker Affiliate WordPress Plugin released today.

It has few of the important issues fixed, as raised by you earlier. And more important, we have introduced the Auto-Update Feature.

If you are hearing about AffiLinker for the first time, you can get the free version from here.

Auto-Update Feature.

With this feature, there are no more painful manual installation/update.

The new version of AffiLinker directly comes to your WordPress dashboard same like, how you usually update the free versions of other WordPress plugins. Basically, we host the new version on our servers and they are notified to your plugins so that you can automatically update to the newer versions without much work.

The update notification looks as below:

Auto-Update feature of AffiLinker

Anyway, in future we will continue to send the update email as usual so that you will be aware of the availability of newer versions on-time.

How to Manually Update the New AffiLinker Version ?

Now for this time only, you have to do manual update.

The new copy of the plugin (affilinker.zip) has been sent to your email. You just keep the file downloaded and simply follow the below steps:

Step #1 – Deactivate AffiLinker

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and click Deactivate under AffiLinker.

Click Deactivate

Click Deactivate

Step #2 – Delete AffiLinker

Once the Plugin deactivated, Click on Delete that appears under AffiLinker.Delete AffiLinker

Step #3 – Upload new copy of AffiLinker

Now go to Plugins > Add new > Upload > Browse, select the new affilinker.zip file and then click Install Now.

Browse the new copy of AffiLinker.zip and click Install Now

Browse the new copy of AffiLinker.zip and click Install Now

Step #4 – Activate AffiLinker

Now click on Activate Plugin, you are done with the installation of AffiLinker 3.1

Activate Plugin

Activate Plugin

You are done !

You are done !

Let us know, if you have any issues or doubts.

And from next time onwards, no more manual updates – you get the notification directly inside your WordPress dashboard.

Thanks for all your support and always, you can contact us for any issues/suggestions related to AffiLinker.

Good Luck !


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