Did you started a blog recently ? Or Have written few great articles and looking for increase in traffic from Google ? Is that your situation ? If so, you are now landed in the right page which redirects you the next steps of success. Blogging is a long term business model and it requires more time, knowledge, money(some times) to bring up better.

As a beginner blogger, you have to take more responsibilities and it requires dedication in blogging. In fact, you have to write more and promote more. Lets see what do you exactly need in this earlier stage of blogging ? to become success (in terms of setting up a strong resource for making money online).

Write More Articles.

You have to write more articles to your new blog. Every article makes an “entry point” to your blog from search engines. The more the entry points, your blog will get more traffic. Keep a schedule for writing and stick to that. For example, fix time that “i will write 1 article per day”. Going forward in 2-3 months, you will see great results in your blog especially, your blog will become an information portal.

Quality Vs Quantity.

You don’t need to just write MORE articles. Instead, you have to publish useful articles which helps the reader. Basically, an article which solves the reader problem hits the top. Quantity doesn’t matters, keep the quality up in every article you publish in your blog. People will love your blog because you are the “One Stop Problem Solver”.

Extensive Keyword Research.

Keywords are the major source of search engine traffic especially from Google. Doing a proper keyword research before writing an article and using the right keywords which has demand, wins you great results.

Use Google Keyword Tool and find out keywords which has higher search volume and search Google/Yahoo to analyze the top 10 occupancy. Don’t stuff keywords, instead use them in title, top and end of the article. Learn Google SEO here.

Staying Focused on Topic.

Blog topic matters. It decides the growth and income too. Because in blogging “topic” means “market”. As a beginner, i don’t know whether you have made a research before choosing a blog topic. Even i started with blog without much research and today i am seeing many competitors/giants in this topic of “online business”. Anyway, whatever topic you blog, always write in and around the topic which automatically brings in growth.

Blog Traffic Monetization.

You have to effectively monetize your blog. You should not stick to Google Adsense, instead jump out and monetize your blog with variety of methods including affiliate products. This way, your blog stands up and builds you great revenue from different sources. Learn how to make money from low traffic blogs ? which helps beginners like you. Basically, you have to understand the nature/source of traffic before monetizing it.

Do you need this ?

Build Blog Readers.

One of the toughest part of blogging, building regular readers. Utilize RSS with feed burner as a first step and ask the readers to subscribe to your blog. Put the subscription widget at the top side of your blog as well as ask them to subscribe where ever you get a chance in your articles. Use Twitter and Facebook to build a network around your blog.

Build Incoming Links.

One of the important step to gain search engines authority, back links. You have to spread links of your blog as much as possible in Internet. It has two advantages:

  • One, your blog gains search engines authority and page rank increases.
  • Secondly, you will get referral traffic to your blog for the life time as long the page where you get linked receives traffic.

So build more incoming links to your blog.

Finally, keep in mind that blogging is a long term business and it takes time to pick up. But once your blog starts getting decent traffic, you could ripe the benefits in terms of Money, Profits and Readers !

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