You can run a blog for so many reasons either for fun or even like a serious online business. It’s totally your own choice and no one can take a control on your choices. If you own a blog you can make a way to achieve your online goals without much discomfort. Especially, if you are being focused on what you want from your blog.

For those who are more serious and considering their blog as a business, there are certain must-have pages for your blog that you should not ignore.

Your blog is all with content in different formats: text, images, videos. Without creating content, your blog is no way active and you could not even proceed towards your goals.

Hence, many of the successful Internet marketers or business websites backed with a blog – are employing a content strategy in which they keep on producing content targeting their audience. This helps them to move towards their blogging goals and achieve what exactly they want from their blog.

At the same time, if you are having a professional blog design you can easily showcase your content to your audience and make every page purposeful.

You should not just create another page for your blog without knowing “why you need that page”.

Service/Product Description Page.

The most critical page in your blog is the Product description page where you are showcasing a product or even a service.

As a business, your product or service is the value. You have to showcase value to the audience on this description page.

Right from the problem statement to how you are providing an effective solution, you have to capture all these important points in this page. The product features, pricing comparison, testimonials etc. all these forms the description page along with an Order button.Product page

If you are considering your blog as a business then make sure you have a page where you are “listing value” to sell.

This is the “value” page in your blog.

I have my AffiLinker product page.

Blog Page Showing Recent Posts.

Generally, if you are considering your blog as a business then it is a good practice to show your “value” on the home page.

The home page should trigger the visitor to take an action. You have to place a strong call-to-action and that action should take visitors to your “value” page.

If you see the home page of BlashO, I used questions as call-to-actions which may very well trigger the visitor to act on it.

Hence, it is a good idea to have a separate page to list down the recent blog posts as a blog’s page instead of the original home page.

You can see my blog page here.

Page with Case Studies Related to Your Blog.

In general, case studies are the driving factor for any business to quickly bring up new audiences who are facing problems.Case study Page

You can collate all the case studies that you made with your own product or related products as a single page. If you have such a page, your visitors will gain more trust on your blog and also, on your product. Hence chances of getting more sales.

This is one of the areas I have to improve a lot for BlashO. I am periodically doing experiments on various scenarios related to blogging and all I have to collate them as a single page. This should create trust on my blog among the visitors.

Mm..yet to create this page.

Tools Page That You Personally Love or Use.

If you don’t have an own product or a service to offer from your blog then you can collate some of the important tools in your niche.

Most of the famous bloggers are using this strategy to showcase affiliate products. Further, if you showcase those products that you are personally using, you can easily grab the visitors attention by showing your results and make them buy it. Because, your visitors will also expect the same results like you.

Some good example of tools page is here, here, here

About Page to Show Your Creativity.

This is the page where you can show your creativity.About us page

Every blog has an about page and most of the time you will reading about a “boring” background of the blog. Hence, it may not be so attractive for a visitor or a reader who lands on your blog for the first time.

At the same time, if you make unique about page then your blog stands out and people may find it unique.

Unique in the sense, you can narrate a story or show a historic timeline as an infographic.

This creates a brand for your blog as well as a personal brand for yourself. If you have a team behind your blog then you can showcase them with creative profile pictures.

Some good example of a creative about pages here, here.

Contact us Page to Get in Touch Your Visitors/Customers.

This is one of the must-have pages in your blog.Contact us page

  • Keep the contact us page as simple as possible.
  • List down the different ways to contact you directly.
  • Don’t have too many entries to fill in the contact form.
  • Give options to choose like, why they want to contact you.
  • You can easily setup a contact form using Contact Form 7 or ContactMe.


Further, you must have some boring pages to declare a privacy policy and a disclaimer as they are important especially if you are selling something from your blog or promotion affiliate products using affiliate links.

Apart from having these pages, it is also important to showcase these pages on the right spot.

I mean, don’t hide these pages somewhere in your blog instead keep it reachable. Or simply, place them from the top menu or from the blog sidebar. It is good to avoid linking these pages only at the footer bar because it will become hard to locate.

If you are more serious about your blog then better go for a premium WordPress theme like Avada theme or Elegant theme. Using such premium themes, you can easily design professionally-looking pages which can definitely build visitors trust.

With all these pages listed in your blog, you can easily move towards achieving your goal, especially in the long run.

Good Luck.


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