What is Multisite in WordPress? Steps to Setup Multisite in WordPress

//What is Multisite in WordPress? Steps to Setup Multisite in WordPress

As the name says, Multisite is a WordPress feature using it you can create multiple blogs. Each blog shall have a subdomain and sub-directory using the root domain. Further, your WordPress users can be allowed to create their own blogs in your domain using the multisite feature.What is Multisite in WordPress? Steps to Setup Multisite

Here are the simple steps to setup Multisite in WordPress:

  1. To enable multisite feature, write the following code in wp-config.php:
    define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);
  2. Then go to the administration area, click on Tools – Network Setup. Before this, you have to choose if you want the network of blogs as subdomains or sub-directories. Then setup the Network Title and E-mail as follows:Install Multisite
  3. Now add the following code to setup the files wp-config.php and .htaccess file (this can be done from Network setup page only):Setup files for multisite
  4. Now logout and again login to your WordPress dashboard.
  5. You can see the Settings – Network settings options enabled as follows:Multisite network settings
  6. From the network admin page, you can manage all the sites available under the multisite network.

Multisite is useful only if you want to allow your users to setup their own blog. The above-mentioned steps are at the high level and you can refer to the official page for more detailed setup guide.

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