Blogging is fun. Every one who blogs will definitely feels this, but on the another side, blogging is a habit too. Because, blogging needs consistency in everything from writing articles, promotion, monetizing and much more. So blogging becomes a habit over a period of time. It stays with your life and you could not leave it any more (unless you don’t want that business or you don’t want that hobby). It may be an addiction too. That’s good always, to have blogging as a habit or as an addiction in your day-to-day life.

My Nature of Working With Blogs…

Even though I work as part-time, i will spend an hour almost every day for blogging. I work only for this blog and i don’t find more Time to work on multiple blogs. That’s a good habit as of now. But in the earlier stage, when I started my first blog, i don’t feel all these stuffs. Rather I would start a new blog every week or every day. Because I thought if I have multiple blogs, i will make more money. Is that fact, True ? Absolutely, No. I will produce little content for multiple blogs, no traffic, no money and full of failures. Why ? The reason is, no time but trying to work more. The result of this work nature is failure.

I was not able to write great content and all my blogs suffered with poor content, hence no growth, no traffic. I don’t say, working on multiple blog always fails. But there is a finding on Yourself. How you are capable in terms of Time & Knowledge ? Do you have this much time for working on this many blogs ? Now with 1 hour per day, i am able to work smart with one blog. If I have 2 hours per day then I could work on two blogs.

To Many...

To Many...

Ignoring Multiple Blogs.

You may have an idea and you could start a blog to write on that topic. The another day, you will get some other idea and again you will start another blog. All with an intention to make more money from blogging. At one point of time, you feel bored about the first blog and will stop working for it. This situation again happens for your second blog too. So i want to say, blogging is not jumping between blogs. Its all about Consistency and Smart Working with few blogs.

Answer these 3 questions first.

  • How much Time I am able to spend every day for my online business ?
  • What kind of knowledge I have and on what Topic I am passionate in writing ?
  • As a blogging goal, how much money you want to earn from blogging ?

Let’s do a case study ourselves, “How can I work with multiple blogs, when I have 1 hour per day ?

Idea #1:

Work on one blog. Be consistent and produce content for the blog. Have goals and put all energy to achieve that goal. The time that I allot for my online business is completely given to one blog only. I don’t start multiple blogs. The end result is blog grows faster, gains more traffic and hence i will make more money.

Idea #2:

Start 2 blogs and write on alternative days for each of the blog. This way, you will write for blog_1 the first day and for blog_2 the next day. You have to maintain a balance in your effort and investment of Time is shared by 50-50 rule. The result is, these 2 blogs may not grow faster (with few exceptions based on the niche/content) because your work load is shared between them.

Idea #3:

Let me start multiple blogs as I like. There is not limitation and i will spend my time randomly on each of the blogs. I don’t have a schedule or plan for my blog. I write any time on any blog based on my interest. The result is, all my blog fails making no money.


Ignore Idea #3, its junk to work random on multiple blogs. But there are senses in Idea #1 & #2. When you have only one blog, it grows faster but that depends on many factors the topic/niche, usefulness of the articles that you write, freshness on the information, smarter blog promotion, how you are monetizing the blog and much more. But basically, your blog grows faster.

When you see idea #2, its not bad. I would say, its even better than Idea #1. Because you are investing Time & Work on 2 resources. You are growing 2 blogs and even when 1 blog fails the other may Win. Or both may win. Again it depends on many factors like usefulness of your blog content, consistency, promotion, monetization etc. Even a High competition niche affects your blog growth. But practically seeing, its really possible to work alternatively on 2 blogs with 1 hour of time per day.


To make more better decision, its good idea to work on multiple blogs which are SIMILAR. I mean, similar or closely related Topics or Niche. The advantage is all your related blogs are Networked ! You could become an expert in your niche, popularity grows and you gain more traffic day-by-day.

The number of blogs, ‘N’ depends on the availability of Time & based on your blogging interests. Its quite straight forward and ultimately your blogs success depends on useful content, freshness, consistency and smart promotion. Finally, how many number of blogs you own that doesn’t matters, if you serve the reader, solve his problem then your blog gets more traffic & hence it makes you more money.

As of now, my investment is 1 hour per day on 1 blog and what about you ?



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