When to monetize a new blog ? is a hard discussion and every bloggers point of view varies. Its tough to convince the people because its about money and income. You may be blogging for many reasons but ultimately the end result comes as business & results.

You could ask me, why don’t i make money from the first of my blog ? Why i have to wait for something ? If you don’t believe in astrology then nothing stops you from monetizing your blog the next minute. Just learn, How to monetize a new blog ?

But in practical, there are advantages and disadvantages for both ways, either you monetize your blog from the day one or if you monetize once it is established to an extent.

Let’s digg into this topic, simple & clear. I will list down the advantages and disadvantages of monetizing a blog at the earliest stage and at the matured stage.

Monetize New Blog From Day 1.

No one will restrict you from monetizing your new blog from the day one. If you know, how to monetize your blog then its well enough to proceed. Then i will ask you, What do you expect from your blog ? Do your blog makes money at this stage ? Its tough to answer, right ?


Money First...

Money First...

  • Displaying blinking banners may add points to your sites design. It may attract the visitors coming to your new blog.
  • Advertisements (both text/banners) helps to pretend you like an established blog.
  • It may create visitor’s Trust on your site because many novice visitors believe that a web site with colorful advertisements speaks the “Truth” & its “Valued”.


  • Your focus goes towards the revenue and you will become money minded in the earlier stage. Its dangerous for your blogging business.
  • You may not focus towards the growth of your blog instead you will be looking to the statistics (CTR/Traffic) always.
  • You will get frustrated because your blog never makes money in this stage. Because 95% of the case, you don’t get enough traffic at this stage. Your blog is immature.

Monetize When Your Blog is Not New.

Growth First...

Growth First...

From another side, work for your blogs growth, produce useful information to your visitors, gain popularity in Internet, gain volume of targeted traffic and then monetize. When this happens, definitely your blog is Not New, its much more matured/established. It really requires hard work and takes time to reach this level. But your blog will be ready to monetize and it makes your decent income. This sounds good, right ?


  • First, your blog gets huge targeted traffic. That means, more traffic makes you more money !
  • You are established and visitors will get great Trust on your blog. And, they will buy the recommended products from your site.
  • In whatever method you monetize your blog, it will make you money.
  • You don’t need to worry much about Income, it grows in parallel to your blog.
  • You could sell Ad space on your blog. You could easily find more advertisers or sponsors for your blog.
  • You could even sell your own product and your blog has that tycoon!


  • Only disadvantage, you have to wait for the blogs growth (in terms of at least gaining decent traffic, say 1000 visitors per day).
  • Your blog may not earn money during the initial stage and you must be ready to invest work & time in that period.

Now, the results are in your hand.

Read through these advantages/disadvantages again and think. See which method suites your need ? If you don’t have any urgent financial need you could wait and monetize. Otherwise, if you really want to trail out then monetize your new blog immediately.

Take a good decision, good luck !

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