I am sure that you had already screwed your time ! I mean there are lot of social network’s in recent days (facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin). The worst thing, you can’t simply avoid all these networks. That’s the biggest problem with social media marketing.

Depending on your business needs, you may be in a situation to use all these social networks or at least more than one. You have to manage multiple social media accounts without losing your time and more important, without losing the opportunities to find new followers. It is also required to get engaged with your followers and to bring them to your business needs. There comes the headache.

To make your job simple, i have listed below the best tools available on the market that helps to manage your multiple social media accounts from a single place. Though i haven’t personally used all of these (i used Hootsuite), i have made this list based on the buzz around the web.


One of the famous tool is Hootsuite. It helps to manage multiple accounts (facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, foursquare) from a single dashboard. It’s FREE to use as well as it comes with Pro-plans. With the FREE plan, you can manage only 3 different social profiles and it is best suitable for individual bloggers like me. If you have a social media team then the Pro-plans may help you to manage more number of profiles & by different people.

You can draft and schedule messages, it posts them automatically for you. You can track your social media efforts using the custom reports (that’s something similar to Google Analytics, Facebook Insights). The FREE plan allows you to add only 2 RSS feeds (hootsuite automatically publishes your blog posts to social networks).

Overall, the FREE plan is suitable for individual bloggers and the Pro-plan is suitable for Teams. You can explore more about the features and plans.Social Media Management Dashboard


GrabInbox is one of the simplest social media management tool.

It supports all the major networks facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin. You can link all your accounts and manage them from a single page. GrabInbox directly notifies you about the updates happening on all different networks. You can also schedule messages for automatic posting.

The GrabInbox chrome plugin helps to quickly share any web page to multiple networks from single interface, you can also schedule (JustLater) it.

If you’re looking for a simple tool, go for it.Manage multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn


Zoomph helps to manage instagram, facebook, twitter. This is an unique tool that helps to not only manage multiple networks but also, helps to well engage with your followers. They call it as an engagement platform that collects and ranks content from multiple social networks.

You can create social hubs, publish polling screens, display events and hence it helps to better engage with your followers rather than just helping you to schedule/track activities.

I feel Zoomph is an innovative engagement tool, when compared to other tools. You can start from here. It has FREE as well as Pro-plans. The free plan allows 2 users and 1 feed only.Influencer Engagement Platform _ Social Media Visualizations, Analytics


The most conceptual social media management tool is sproutsocial. With this single tool, you can manage facebook, twitter, google+. It has an engagement tool, publishing tool, analytic tool, Contact records (CRM), HelpDesk tool.

The engagement tool helps to interact with your followers and assign activities to your team members (say, turn any complaints into support tickets). The Smart Inbox shows the updates from all networks at a single page. The publishing tool comes with a scheduler and you can fill the calendar with all your upcoming updates/posts. Looks Sproutsocial also got awarded with Twitter Certification and Preferred Marketing Developer for Facebook.

It comes with a trial version and later you must pay to use. I conclude, this tool is much suitable for companies and not really required for individual bloggers.Social Media Management Software for Business _ Sprout Social

There are lot of tools available on the market. I feel all these 4 tools are best and simple-to-use. They all have FREE plans or trial plans so that you don’t have to loose your money. Based on your needs and requirements you can pick one.

The greatest advantage of using a social media management tool: you save time – you engage better – you track social efforts.

Good Luck.


About the Author:

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  1. gracemary - Reply

    The other 3, I have yet to test it, I am using hootsuite and it is pretty nice so far.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Hey, you can also try IFTTT its free-to-use and also, simple one.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Yep thanks. I am using hootsuite and is best software I been using for managing multiple social media management.
    Big thumbs up!

  3. Sammy - Reply

    Nice list, great post. Check out also this new app that can be added as one of the tools when it comes to social media. bit.ly / SocialNetworkPassport – You will be able to share your social media accounts in just one click.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Hi Sammy, Thanks for sharing the new app.

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