Blogging Vs Making Money.

The topic I am discussing since the launch date of this blog. Most of the time, many of the blogger’s “including me” overlooked this topic. You get lot more fancy advices and finally, it all settles down to only one thing “your action”.

I want to write this article as short as possible, by guiding you only the right approach.

That guidance

This 350-words (not 3500) guide will simply help you to clearly understand, how do you make money from your blog?

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.

You need visitors to your blog.

You have to first focus on traffic generation.

Without any one visiting your blog, you can’t make your blog to earn.

My foremost goal now is to increase my blog’s traffic at-least to the level, where I left back in 2012 (1000 visitors per day).

Producing Focused Content “made for readers”.

If you need traffic to your blog, you have to publish content “made for the readers”.

It should attract your visitors and help them to solve their problem in some way. Further, your content has to be focused and it has to be in the blog’s topic only.

This way, you can find readers who are interested in your blog’s content. A little marketing effort is also required, where you have to spread links of your blog/articles around the web.

Blog Monetization, Naturally.

You have content “made for readers” – you drive traffic – next money comes in by itself.

That’s the truth.

If you see many of the famous blogs around the web, they all get decent traffic.

All you have to apply this only one technique of monetization: “promote solutions that are related to your blog topic”.

That’s simple. If you are selling a product make sure it is related to your topic – if yes, it will be related to your reader’s too. If the products helps your reader in some way then great, you makeĀ sales.

Money rolls-in naturally.

That’s all.

Hope I have made it clear and now you very well know, how do you make money from your blog.

No more confusions.

Product content for readers – Work for traffic – Monetize with related stuffs.


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