Have a new site ? Looking to make money from that new site ?

Yes, there are many such beginners roaming around the Internet to see big money from their site. No matter, what kind of web site you have either a product based or an information rich blog, you have to do a lot of work.

People do think that, web site is up and everything is done. In actual, your work starts only after your site is up.

You must need goals and a clear plan to achieve that goal. Otherwise, you will be lost some where and your new site may not do well.



However, making money from your new site is extremely possible provided you are in a profitable market or niche.

  • For example, if you are writing something about a topic where no one is willing to read – your site may not do well.
  • At the same time, if you are in a competitive market, you could find lot of visitors as well as there will be room for promoting products which are the main source of income.

In this article, i will take you through those simple 4 steps which helps you to understand, how to make money from your new site ?

Following these steps will definitely brings you profits and keep in mind this is not a rapid business strategy….

First, Add Only Valuable Content.

As i always tell, Internet users are information seekers and people do search for information especially to find a solution to their own problem. A web site with rich information will never get missed by search engines and it drives you lot of visitors. Keep in mind that visitors are the source of income.

When your site gets more visitors related to your topic, you could easily use them to do business. By simply, showing a product you could make huge money.

However, you have to build an information rich web site.

  • For example, you could take my blog eMoneyMakingOnline.COM – here i am constantly helping people with useful information. I never comprise to provide rich information. The end result, traffic grows day-by-day and at the same time, my income also grows along with traffic.

The underlying principle is, help people with valuable information and help them persistently. This way, your site will be recognized by search engines and you will get tonnes of traffic free of cost.

The real business starts only when your site gets search engine traffic.

However, building readers and having huge social fans are secondary, without search traffic you could not win this situation.

As a beginner, have a traffic goal say, i will drive 2K visitors per day and make a plan to achieve that goal, follow the plan…

Find Great Products To Promote.

As i mentioned earlier, you have to add a lot of useful content to your site as a first step. During this stage, as a beginner don’t look to earn money sooner.

Don’t just fill you web site with advertisements or affiliate products.

Take time and bring your site to better shape – once you got a reasonable amount of visitors say 500-1000 visitors per day – you could monetize your site.

  • When you have enough number of visitors coming to your site, you could actually do simple experiments by promoting products and see, how you could potential increase your income. When you are doing all these without any visitors coming to your site, you end up with nothing.

Build your site, drive good number of visitors and then promote products.

Even if you are promoting your own product, this strategy works well.

  • As an added note, always promote great products which are performing well in the market as well as the product should help the buyers.

Look at the sidebar, i am promoting few of the best products in the market and i don’t do much work other than testing with different products, – the end result “sale increases…”

Slowly Add Affiliate Links or Ads.

One of the common mistake that every beginner will do, adding lot of affiliate links or advertisements from day 1. It actually shows that you are useless especially when your site is not matured enough. However, people don’t trust such web sites because you are doing over promotional at the earlier stage. That’s, why i told earlier, build your site first and then monetize it.

At the same time, even in the earlier stage you could show that you are a very big web site. Yes, by making a matured and professional design, you could show that you are an established web site. This way, people do trust on your site because gaining Trust is more important to drive sales.

A professional designed site definitely gains the visitors Trust.

  • As an added note, have a matured design, publish latest news/information, and show the today’s date, this shows that you site is active and running.
  • This way, you don’t need to wait for your site to grow, you could monetize it from the day 1.

Be Patience, no other Go !

Whatever you do online, it takes time to spread. Unless you are cracking a real viral stuff, it definitely takes time to grow. All you need to add value to the visitors, provide great content serving their needs every day.

Implement basic SEO techniques and get into social networks – have like minded people around your site. This way, your site attracts more visitors and grows every day. Always see, how you could well utilize the visitors for your purpose either to sell your own product or others product or to just make them to use your service.

And all above, have an email list and ask every one coming to your site for subscription. I used this technique and in a short period of time, my email list grown from less than 100 to ~2000+ by showing a pop-up subscription widget.

Finally, making money from your new site takes time and all you have to work every day towards the growth. Always add value to your visitors and provide them great information, monetize you site well based on the audience requirements and definitely, no one could stop you from making money 100% !

Good Luck….



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  1. Yea the key is always unique content! Once your visitors realize the quality of your content they will keep coming back for more! When your are averaging a good amount of visitor’s on your site then you can truly start Monetizing it for maximum profit!

    Great stuff, Mr.Ven enjoyed this post!

    Thanks =)

  2. Nice article….i m following the above steps………….

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