Do you have writing habit ? Are you a good writer ? Yes, then its quite easy to use your habit for making money. Yes, Internet has many such websites, where you will be paid for writing. Long back, i shared you 10 sites for writing articles and earning money, it will be useful to you. Now i am going to explain you few techniques which helps you to make decent money by writing articles.

Where To Start Writing Articles ?

There are many websites to write articles for money and few to mention are Hubpages, Squidoo, Bukisa etc. For beginners, i would recommend you to start with or, because its very interesting to write articles with them. With simple steps you could create a highly information rich articles. You could integrate Videos, Images, References to other web sites quickly.

In Hubpages, articles are termed as “Hubs” and in squidoo, articles are termed as “Lens”. The major advantage is that you could write on any topic that you love because these websites have all the categories available. Based on your interest, select a topic and write articles.

Lets Write Better Articles !

Lets Write Better Articles !

Techniques For Making Money.

All these websites have revenue sharing model from money making programs like Google Adsense, Amazon, Kontera etc. So part of the income made by your article will be shared with you. For making decent money from your articles, you have to drive more visitors. Number of visitor coming to your articles is directly proportional to the income.

Now I am going to explain you some of the best techniques involved in article writing especially for making money. The first thing you must learn is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically, it involves how to write articles which catches attention of search engines. Most of the visitors will come to your articles through search engines especially Google and Yahoo. So you have to write articles optimized for these search engines.

  • This beginners guide for SEO from Google will help you to quickly understand the insights. So that you could write better articles which gets more visitors.
  • Next, whenever you write articles use Google Keyword tool to select keywords which has higher search volume. This way, you article gains more traffic from search engines.
  • Write series of articles. For example, if you are interested in software engineering then write a course on software engineering. The course should have at least 10 articles combined/linked to each other. This way, your course will be read my many people and it gets popular with readers as well as with search engines. More linked pages are highly optimized for search engines.
  • Always write articles of type, “How To”, “Tips For”, “Ways To” etc. Because Internet users are mostly searching the web like these.
  • Don’t stuff your articles with too much keywords. I mean don’t repeat the same keywords again and again, it heavily fools your traffic from search engines.
  • Always keep the reader in mind and explain the topic clear. Use simple words and short sentences.
  • Write articles which solves the reader problem. Provide variety of solutions to the problem in your article which helps to gain more readers.

Finally, writing articles for making money is very simple provided you are interested in writing. The more good articles you write, it gains more visitors and it makes you more money. You may not become rich sooner by writing articles for hubpages or squidoo but for sure, you could make an extra income by just using your hobby time.



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    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for noticing this blog post and your comment.

      I am using kontera in this blog and i personally did some testing on konetra compared to other in-text adds. It shows more relevant Ads compared to other network. Only thing i want to bring up, some times it takes long time to load the Ads and i believe you are about to improve such things !

      Currently, i am hardly working to raise the traffic for this blog and hope this blog will become a better konetra publisher very soon !

      – Mr.Ven

  2. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put that into play for my online coupon, and promocode site

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