I understood that you have a blog and the problem that you are facing now is: visitors are not clicking on the affiliate link. If yes, then you are in the right page now.

Making your visitors click on affiliate links i.e., increasing the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is not really a tough job. However, conversion matters – whether the visitor goes to the affiliate page and buy the product is a big question. Let’s keep the conversion aside as of now and let’s see how you can increase the CTR of affiliate links.

You can simply apply all the below mentioned tips using the AffiLinker Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

Visibility of Affiliate Link.

Yes, it really matters where you are placing the affiliate link. If you place it somewhere in the bottom corner of your blog, no one will notice it and no one clicks. So you have to place in a position where visitors will see the link, basically increasing the visibility of affiliate links.

The best visible place is inside the blog post (article).

When you insert affiliate links inside the article, your visitors will definitely see it and they will click on it. Because people do read the information on the web page and while reading they will 100% notice the affiliate links. So add affiliate links inside blog posts, pages which definitely increases the CTR.

Convert Relevant Keywords to Affiliate Links.

Not only where you are placing, it also matter how you are linking. The keyword that you use to link the affiliate link decides the CTR to a great extent.image showing click

  • You have to add call-to-action keywords for example: “click here”, “more information” etc.
  • Or by linking to relevant keywords for example: “worth to buy this product”, “get instant results” etc.

So you have to find such keywords in your article and convert them into affiliate links. More relevancy leads to more clicks as well as more conversion.

Learn how to automatically convert keywords into affiliate links?

Create Standout Affiliate Links.

There are varying arguments in webmaster communities for choosing the link styles, either to keep it same like other links or to make it stand out by changing the font/colors. However, when you create standout affiliate links, visitors will definitely notice it and they will love-to-click on it.

  • You can create standout links by changing the Link color, background color, font style, font size etc. All these variation makes the affiliate link unique and it stands out from the rest of the link in your blog.

With AffiLinker wordpress plugin, you can configure each and every link with a unique style by applying different colors, font, size etc uniquely.

Measure the Clicks & Optimize it.

When you work to increase the CTR, you must understand what kind of changes are bringing results. This helps to optimize the links and to make them perform better than before.

  • Few of the parameters that you have to measure are: number of clicks, the number of clicks received by each keyword, which blog posts are performing etc.

You can track all these stats using AffiLinker plugin. See what kind of keywords and style triggers more clicks, based on that you can configure the links to perform better than before.

Always be SEO friendly.

Too much of affiliate link is not good for SEO.

Nowadays, Google is penalizing websites with too many ads.

Make all your affiliate link SEO friendly by adding a “nofollow” and to limit the number of affiliate links per page.

Adding nofollow to every link is a time-consuming process and with AffiLinker, you can do this automatically without cracking your head.

These are few of the simple tips that make your visitors click on the affiliate link and they will love-to-click each n every affiliate link. The more they click, you send more visitors to affiliate page, you get more sales and your blog makes more money!

Secondly, you must also focus towards conversion. It depends on the affiliate page and the product.

Promote products that are related to your blog content and also, promote quality products.

See how the product helps the buyer and choose accordingly. Understand what problem the affiliate product solves and based on that publish your articles. This way, you can get benefit from every click not just making visitors click.


Let’s simply summarize what we discussed in this article:

  • Place affiliate links at highly visible places like “inside blog content”.
  • Convert relevant keywords into affiliate links “use call-to-action keywords”.
  • “Create unique affiliate links” with different Link color, Background color, Font style, Font size etc.
  • Add “NoFollow to affiliate links” and make it search engine friendly, limit the number of affiliate links per page.
  • Measure the clicks and “track what really works”, tweak accordingly to perform better.
  • Always guide the visitors with relevant information and “solve visitor problems” showing better solution.
  • Get a copy of AffiLinker WordPress plugin.

Hope all these tips are helpful, you can write a comment below stating: how you are handling affiliate links in your blog.


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