Welcome to the Make Money From Android App series – I have covered the entire process of App development in 3 simple articles.

In this process, I assume that you don’t have any programming skills and you are expecting to release an Android App.

The very first step in Android App business is to bringing an idea that works. If you see the Google Play Store, there are lot of Apps listed and not every App is a hit.

Yes, it’s all in the hands of users because the Play Store is completely user-driven. Every App finally reaches the smartphone or a Tablet PC of a real user. There are lot of work involved behind each App and the success or failure is decided by the users.

In actual, the volume of download decides the success and that’s the expectation every App developer has in mind. Since this is user driven market, you have to go by the user needsimage-showing-apps

There you need an “idea” that works.

Every success thing in this world starts like a stupid thing. Your idea may look useless but you may not really know, how it works in the end.

In order to make a successful Android App, the first step is to bring an idea that works. Bringing an idea depends on individuals creativity and skill set.

It defers from people-to-people.

If I ask you to bring an idea, you will come with an idea based on your own interests and what you know (within your own world). In reality, what you know (and your world) may not be enough to bring an idea to a bigger audience.

So directly thinking an idea for your Android App may not work.

In reality, you can bring an idea that works only based on the below 2 methods.

#1 – App Idea based on the market demand.

In general, where there are demand, there are lot of business opportunities, it doesn’t matters what kind of business you do.

For example, when it comes to Android Apps, games are always on demand. So it will be good, if you think a game idea and at the same time, you should have a unique selling point.

  • First, your idea should go by the demand and it should be unique. Uniqueness is required to stand out from the market competition. If you see the Game category in Android market, there are lot of Apps listed when compared to other categories. That shows the demand. Find such markets, “game” is just an example.
  • Secondly, your idea should go by the “demand that are not much supplied”. These are the real profit making App markets, you will see lot of demand for Apps in this category but actually there will be very less number of good Apps. Find such markets.idea-to-decide-topic

You can ask, how do i find such markets ?

The answer is very simple: spend time to browse through the Play Store and understand, where you can plug your New App idea.

#2 – App Idea based on the user problems.

The next approach is, bringing idea based on the user problems.

People don’t hesitate to pay money for solving their problems. They need good solution for their problems.

When your App solves such a user problem, it sells.

  • List down the common problems of people in their day-to-day activities right from family, friends to work/office.
  • Map those problems to an Android App.
  • See the market if there are such android apps available already, if not short-list it.
  • Repeat the steps until, you have a list of ideas without Apps.

It is a simple process, you can identify a great list of App ideas in few hours.

Once short-listed, you can see the “seriousness of the problem” that your App solves. If the problem is too serious then definitely people will pay for it. Or even if you release a free App lot of people will love-to-download it happily.

These are the 2 simple methods to bring an Android App idea that works.

Finally, if you combine these 2 methods: “Demand, Problem and uniqueness” plays a major role in App download so always keep this in mind while you are making an idea.

In my case, I release around 5 different Apps – out of those only 2 Apps (free) went bigger.

Lets move into the next step, Plan your Android App Interface and Features.

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