It is clearly known that blogging is one of the profitable online business. There are many successful bloggers who are blogging for business and living a life out of it. I am not going to give an advice to live your life from blogging, don’t worry.

However, when it comes to blogging as business, we all struggle and work hard to make huge profits. Hence the idea of writing down the most important yet working 30 tips which definitely helps every blogger to make huge profits for the long term. Not like usual, i am not going to write a big story instead, i will list down these 30 tips each per line.

  1. Keep blog readers at top priority.
  2. Always write useful blog post which helps some one.
  3. Never write a blog post which you feel, “this is useless”.
  4. Publish blog posts regularly but never post if you are lazy.
  5. Always write on the blog topic, don’t try to write A to Z topics.
  6. Don’t heavily monetize your blog, it pays you nothing.
  7. Don’t promote too much of PPC Ads, you will loose valuable visitors for few cents.
  8. Always promote products which are closely related to your blog topic.
  9. Do experiments in product promotion, follow the a/b split testing strategy.
  10. Don’t always promote others product, work to build your own product.
  11. Make your own product also related to your blog topic.
  12. Use Twitter and Facebook to keep hold of visitors.
  13. Don’t spend too much time on Twitter and Facebook.
  14. Capture e-mail ids of visitors, ask every visitor in exchange for something (a free ebook).
  15. Make your blog faster, cut down unwanted stuffs.
  16. Keep your blog design simple and unique with easy navigation.
  17. Use the write tools and plugins (for wordpress blogs)
  18. Backup you blog posts regularly – automate it.
  19. Keep an eye on blog security periodically.
  20. Think about giving up blogging – but never give up.
  21. Expect less towards money making, in fact you will be making more money than expectation.
  22. Always work for traffic generation, work hard.
  23. Forget search engines but remember the keywords and use it every time.
  24. Forget search engines but remember basic SEO.
  25. Don’t build backlinks but work hard to happen it naturally.
  26. Diversify your blog dependencies – never dependent only on SEO/Google.
  27. Follow proven business strategy from others – don’t struggle from scratch.
  28. Follow the industry news and learn new stuffs regularly.
  29. Think for long term, plan for long term but first work for the short term.
  30. Finally, do everything to help your blog readers.

This is a short list of tips which helps every blogger to achieve long term success in blogging and to make huge profits. Follow it and definitely, you will see great results.

I will continue to add more points, stay tuned !

Now, what else you could add to these tips ?

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