The de facto of beginner bloggers, expecting to make money from a low traffic blog. Recently, we discussed in another article on how to make money from a low traffic blog ? which guides you in terms of effectively monetizing your new blog. But there are few factors/methods that you should not expect in the earlier stage of your blog. Because when there is less traffic, you should keep your expectations less as much possible. The volume of Traffic decides everything in your blog from making money, engaging readers, building your social networks and much more.

Expecting Six Figure Income.

Expectations are the real enemy of a low traffic blog. It depends on, what do you expect from your blog ? With a low traffic blog, if you are expecting to make six figure income (that too in the first month), it never gonna happen ๐Ÿ™‚ Its same like the real world business, if there are no customers coming to your shop then you could not earn anything. Instead of expectations, you should have goals like “by this year end, i will earn $xxxx” which may drive positive waves on you and your blog. Also, learn how to Get more blog traffic ? and work towards traffic growth.

  • Traffic is the verbatim of income.

Money expect

Worthless PPC Ads.

PPC Ads earns you on every click on the advertisement by your visitors. Do that works for a low traffic blog ?

  • For example, if your blog gets 100 visitors and the CTR (click-through-rate) of 3% with CPC (cost-per-click) 0.10, your blog earns 3 x 0.10 = $0.30 per day. And in a month, your blog earns 0.30 x 30 = $9 to buy groundnuts, which may distract your mind too.

Every beginner blogger starts with running PPC Ads which is mistake. And even, you will become too much “statistics” guy in looking the earnings every day (or even every hour). I suggest, in the earlier stage completely avoid PPC ads and better sell affiliate products which are closely related to your topic/niche.

Trying To Sell Ad Space.

Like PPC Ads, selling ad space had become a traditional method of monetizing your blog. I have seen many bloggers are using these sites for selling ad space and at the same time, beginner bloggers are also advertising their space for private ads but their space will be empty. Why ? Because you are not meeting the basic requirements there, you have less page impressions, you have less number of readers, less traffic.

First, understand the parameters required for selling ad space which may help to work towards, what do you need in your blog before selling ad space ?

Few More Expectations.

Apart from revenue, you will have many more expectations with your new blog. Understanding these expectations may help you to leverage, whats really possible and not possible in the earlier stage of blogging.

  • You expect to get more Guest Writers because you run a low traffic blog, the writer may not get any benefit from your blog.
  • Response on running a Blog Contest will go on the lower side. If you get at least 20 participants then thats great ! but some times it depends on the gifts/prizes too.
  • You expect to build Quick Backlinks. Focusing too much on quick backlinks may harm your site. You will buy backlinks from a dump seo service which actually kills your SERP position. Build only quality links, see what Google recommends on link building.
  • You expect to get more Blog Readers and your RSS count may not go beyond 50.
  • Similarly, you may expect to increase Twitter followers or Facebook fans, that won’t happen quickly.

These are the very few common expectations of a blogger who runs a low traffic blog. I suggest, you to write your expectations and keep them as a goal. Don’t over do the expectations, instead make out the solution/steps to acheive that goals. Work towards the goal and your blog automatically grows in traffic and makes you decent money. Your blog must need decent traffic to make money. Be patience…



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