This is a continuation of the long term blog success – Part I.

In this article (Part II), we will cover the various aspects of “blogging as a business and how to keep hold of visitors ?

In the previous part, we understood the importance of blog topic, content generation, on-page marketing, off-page marketing techniques.

When you consider blogging as a business, you have to think it as a real world business. Then only, you will be productive. However, I am not sure about your attitude.

The following are the important strategies you have to follow so that you could build a successful blog in the long run.

Employ Blog Business Strategy, Treat it Like Real Business.

As I mentioned earlier, consider you blogging as a real world business.

When it comes to business success, you have to employ a proven strategy. That’s why I always advice: follow the successful strategy from others.

This way, you don’t need to perform “from the scratch experiments” and you could directly move towards the success path.

  • First, have an action plan for your blogging business.
  • Plan everything from content generation, monetization, marketing and traffic generation. Stick to your plan.
  • At the same time, go beyond blogging. Don’t just stick to content generation, identify the ways to help the audience in your market.
  • Identify their problems and give better solutions to your audience. This is the basic rule of success in business.
  • Also, work to create your own product related to your blog so that you could easily promote from your blog + it shows that you are an expert in the industry.

Basically, plan everything and important: follow the plan.

Utilize Social Media Tools, Be Focused (Don’t waste your time)

Frankly, I am not a social media expert.

However, I started making my presence in social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.b2c-content-marketing-social-media-platform-usage

As a first step, I started with Twitter and now having a good number of followers. I am feeling it useful especially in bringing back people to my blog, whenever I publish a blog post. Also, it helps to get networked with like minded people which readily helps in many ways, right from learning to sharing the thoughts.

I built a brand page for BlashO on Facebook. Slowly, I made a strong presence there too and holding readers close to this blog.

Focus on fewer social networks and only, those that are relevant to your market.

Don’t waste your time on everything because most of the time, social media is useless except to show a presence.

To help yourself in building a strong social media presence, go through my detailed guide on how to get more blog traffic using social media?

Keep Hold of Visitors In Your List, Build Trust and Ping Them When Needed.

List building is one of the powerful marketing tool for any online based business.

This actually helps you a lot in blogging by holding each and every visitor coming to your blog.

The advantage is that, you could catch the email ids of interested visitors and ping them back with more related information, as they like.

Successful Internet marketers are doing this in great extent by setting up a squeeze page (a single page to share an ebook/resource and getting back users email id). This way, you could collect the list of peoples who are related to the topic/blog and when you send related updates they will come back in your way – they will Trust you. You can also promote products related to the readers, once you built Trust with them.


Further, as long as they are active in the subscription, you could ping them anytime with more useful stuffs which helps both the readers as well as your business.

This helps your blog to have diversified traffic source.

If you are already using WordPress, there are many free plugins available to setup popup windows which asks visitors to get into your list.

  • Setup Aweber.
  • Download WP Subscriber Plugin one of the best email capture plugin. You could simply integrate this to your blog, which helps you to capture email ids of visitors coming to your blog without any hard work.

2 ways to use email lists…

  • Send periodic blog updates to the subscribers – Advantage: they will come back to your blog.
  • Suggest useful products (your own/affiliate) related to your blog topic – Advantage: they will buy from you.

More useful resources on List building…

Hope its helpful to you.

Good luck on building a successful blog.

Let me know, how else you are achieving blogging success?


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