Blogging is one of the interesting personal activity as well as a business activity in Internet.

It is like, any one could create a blog and share their thoughts, ideas to the world.

There are no restrictions and no one will hold your hand from writing for your blog.

That’s the “freedom of blogging”.

You could write about anything you like, anything you love and even about anything you hate.

At the same time, you could make your blog into a business too. That’s not a tough job, all you have to follow successful strategies so that you could make your blog into a business weapon.

Blogosphere is expanding rapidly and every day thousands of new blogs are created in this world. That means more and more people are interested in opening a blog.

However, not every one continues blogging and most of the people quit in between because of so many reasons like:

  • not willing to write,
  • not willing to promote or
  • expecting too much to happen in a short period of time.

With blogging as a business, if you are expecting such quick results, frankly blogging is not suitable for you.blogger working on his blog success

Hence you have to think long term and work for the long term success.

Though there are few exceptions, where you could quickly turn profits.

In this article, we will discuss how to make long term blog success and what you have to do in achieving it ?

In the end of this article, I want you to understand the real truth involved in making a successful blog. I am not going to tell anything new or my invention, these are the most common advices given by every successful bloggers in this world.

In fact, this works.

Even, it took 2 Years for me to hit 1000 visitors per day.

Later, I took 2 Years of break and lost all the traffic. Today, I am back and working to bring it back everything – in a bigger way !

First, what’s your blog about ?

The first and foremost factor, you must understand what’s your blog is about ?

You should be able to tell that in a single line. Most of the newbie bloggers don’t have this focus in mind.

If you ask this question to me, I would say this blog is about “blogging and making money out of it as an online business”.

  • People do write about everything in their blog and they could not even know their primary topic of focus.
  • This actually widens your blog scope and no one (readers, search engines) could not understand your primary topic.

Unless, if you are a big brand (or a big news portal), I won’t recommend you to cover wider topics in your blog. question

Instead, if you have a primary topic you could easily convince the readers and make them understand about your blog.

This is more important for long term success because when your blog is focused on topic, it will become a “resource center” in the long run.

People do appreciate your blog because it will have the capability to serve their needs (useful info). Apart from people, it fuels search engines with inter-linked information and they treat your blog as an authority in that market.

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Consistency In blogging (helping people).

The definition of blog itself says, an online journal where people can post daily entries about their personal experiences and hobbies.

So it is a live tool and you have to keep it alive.

If you go and see any successful blogger, you will see that they are all doing “frequent blog updates”. If you see their archive, you will know how much hard work they have invested in blogging.

For example, see my Archives or this DBT Archives you will know the real strength of a blogger and how far we are consistent. Its not only about keeping up-to-date, its more about how well I make each and every update useful.

  • My recommendation is, go by your own schedule and convenience (availability of Time).
  • Spend quality time for writing useful stuffs, definitely your blog turns into a resource center in long run.

There are too many advantages, if your regularly update your blog like:

  • It calls all your readers to come back to your blog.
  • People do visit back your blog seeking for more information.
  • Search engines crawls your blog back and forth, it gives special attention to your blog.
  • It also ping’s each and every one connected with your social tool like Twitter, Facebook, Google+

Basically, your traffic increases (learn how to write a blog) when you regularly update your blog with useful information.

Write articles which addresses a problem, this way you could easily gain visitors attention and they will love-to-visit your blog every time – which is the base of long term success.

Non-Stop Effective Marketing (on-page as well as off-page).

As a blogger, not only writing articles, you have to market your blog too.

Marketing is part of every business.

When you are blogging as a business, you have to market it left right

As a first step, do the on-page marketing.

Show your blog as a brand.

Have a logo and a slogan which tells the purpose of your blog.

This actually resides in the readers mind. Have a simple and unique design which enables easy page navigation.

These are basic factors required for blog branding as a first step.

Read another articles to understand the steps to brand your blog and the benefits of building blog brand.

Learn SEO only from Google.

The next step is off-page marketing.

It is about spreading words about your blog. Take every chance to tell others that you have a great blog to visit.

Simply, interact with people and spread links to your blog from related blogs, forums etc. Try to contact other bloggers in your market and ask them to mention your blog/article. These are are basic steps on off-page marketing.

Further, you could do guest blogging on a popular blog in your market, this grabs great attention to your blog. You will get more targeted readers through guest blogging.

  • To conclude, you have to do both on-page as well as off-page marketing through out the life cycle of blogging.
  • However, once you reached a certain level of success, it happens naturally and people do promote your blog as they love it.

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These are few of the major strategies that you have to follow like me.

All these are not quick steps, I mean it takes time to see the results and you have to work with patience.

Do make a plan and have it with you as steps to follow. Complete one-by-one and repeat the steps which are required again.

This way, you will get the clear view about your blog and its growth as a business.

Good Luck.

Read the Part II of this article which covers interesting topics like list building, social media tools and employing a business strategy with your blog.


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