The whole of the web is made of links or URL’s. People navigate around the web through links. Nowadays, sharing the content had also become a part of life. Sharing through E-Mail was one of the methods used long back and nowadays, social media sites like facebook, Twitter had taken a lift on it.

Generally, links are longer and descriptive. At most cases, they may not be a descriptive one. As a human begin, it will be tough to remember long URLs.

And also, when you share a link that’s long it looks awkward or ugly.

However, when you use short links, it looks cute and also, won’t looks spammy.

There are a lot of best link shortener sites available which helps you to turn a long link into a short link with support for link analytics/tracking.


This is the URL shortener from Google. You can simply paste the long link and it creates instantly a short link.Google URL Shortener

Apart from shortening, you can also track the link.

It shows a cool link shortener analytics of number clicks, country list, referral pages, platforms etc.

Further, showing a short link made with Google seems to be less spam.Google URL Shortener Stats

2. Bitly

One of the known and famous link shortening site.Bitly URL Shortner

Just paste your link, it takes you to the next page with a short URL.

You can also Sign up to bitly and see more insights about your link performance. It shows the geographical info, number of clicks as well as the referral pages.

Since bitly is one of the well-known shortening services, it seems to be less spam.

Further, with bitly’s branding tool looks like you can set up custom domains for shorten links and hence you can put your brand to work on short links also.

3. TinyURL

Yet another well-known shortening site. You have to paste your long link and click on “Make TinyURL”.

You can also set up a custom alias and make the short link more meaningful.tinyurl_com

However, I don’t see an analytic feature in TinyURL and hence this is a simple shortening service.

The advantage, your short link may not look spammy at all when you use a custom alias.


This is a link shortening service offered by Hootsuite.

Just paste your long link and click “Shrink URL”. Done.Owly Link Shortner

If you have a Hootsuite account you can track the short URL. It also shows all the common analytics that helps to measure the link performance.

Looks, it also works with your Hootsuite free account.


Yet another link shortener Link Analytics

Tiny also supports customurl that means, you can set up an attractive short URL and it looks less spammy.

It also supports analytics that shows total clicks, unique clicks apart from Referred pages, Geographical Info etc.


A simple link shortener with custom URL support. It also supports analytics, however, it shows as a simple table.

Looks like, it supports real-time tracking. I understood we have to refresh the page for it, not sure, what they mean by Link Shortner Service


This is not just a link shortener, you can also monetize the short links.

Before redirecting to your target page, Shorte shows a full page Ad with a 5-seconds timeout. The users have to wait for 5 seconds and afterwards they have to click “Skip This Ad” in order to reach the target page.Shorte Link Shortening Site

You can try shorte, in case if you want to monetize your traffic. with Shorte you can monetize all international traffic however, the earnings-per-thousand-views may vary between countries.


Similar to Shorte, you can monetize your short link traffic using ouo. The payouts are again varying for each country and it’s for every thousand hits you drive. Looks they pay through Paypal Link Shortener Site


Yet another link shortening service + traffic monetizer.Admy Link Shortening Service


This is a link shortener and also, you can monetize your traffic like other ones. Looks the minimum payout is only 5$ and supports PayPal payment.ppw Link Shortner


Yet another link shortener and you can also monetize the traffic. The minimum payout limit is 1$ only. Ally supports PayPal payment.Ally Link Shortner

Conclusion on Link Shortening Services.

There are lot more URL shortening services available. It’s totally your own choice to decide which one to use.

  • When you compare the features like Analytics/Tracking you can always go for the premium services like,,
  • At the same time, if you are willing to monetize your short link traffic then go for other programs like, etc.
  • Further, you can also use a URL shortener WordPress plugin directly from your blog (set up link shortener with own domain name) instead of using a third-party service.

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