PDF means Portable Document Format, a file format that is widely used to share documents that are independent of any hardware and operating system.

PDF is the most popular document format especially on the web because it’s easy to share on web pages. You can simply link the PDF file to a web page and in fact, every famous web browser has the capability to display the PDF file.

You can understand more about PDF file from here.

When it comes WordPress, there are a lot of WordPress plugins to manage PDF files. You can directly link to the blog post or use a WordPress plugin.

Similarly, you can also add a link to a PDF file directly from your blog posts or pages in order to share the PDF file to your readers. That’s the simplest way to share a PDF file on your WordPress blog.How to Easily Link & Share PDF File on WordPress Blog?

In this article, I will take you through the steps to add PDF files as a link & share it in a blog post.

1. Link PDF file directly from the blog post editor.

  1. Open the blog post editor.
  2. Click Add Media.Select Add Media from blog post editor
  3. Then click Upload Files & Select Files.Select Upload Files to select PDF
  4. Select the PDF file that you want to link.
  5. Add the link text to the PDF file.Add link text and insert into post
  6. Click Insert Into Post. Done, you can see the PDF file linked from the blog post.now PDF file got linked
  7. Once you publish the blog post, your visitors can see the link pointing to the PDF file. They can just click the link and read the PDF document on the web browser or directly save it with them.

2. Link PDF file using Download Manager WordPress Plugin.

The easiest way to link PDF is to install the download manager plugin, attach the PDF file and publish it. The PDF file will be directly available as a download on a separateĀ page.

Let’s see the steps to use Download Manager:

  1. Install the WordPress download manager plugin.
  2. Once installed, go to DownloadsAdd New.
  3. Fill the post title and body.
  4. Upload the PDF file as shown in the below screenshot.upload PDF file
  5. Once uploaded, hit the Publish button.
  6. Now you can see the post created with the download link inserted automatically as follows:PDF for download

Using this plugin, you can create as many download pages you want and there is a pro-version also available using that you can also securely share PDF documents directly from your WordPress blog.

I hope these 2 methods are helpful to you – if you want to share a lot of PDF files and to track the downloads then better go for the WordPress plugin method.

Let me know, how do you link PDF files to blog posts? How do you share PDF files with your blog readers?


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