What is Lightbox in WordPress?

//What is Lightbox in WordPress?

Lightbox in WordPress allows showcasing images and other media on overlay formats. When an image is in a Lightbox, the image is displayed in an overlay and the rest of the website is darkened or smudged but still visible.

It is used to highlight the image or any media file. Lightboxes can be used to display images, videos or even forms.

In general, lightboxes are created using CSS, Javascript scripts. A child window opens up at the forefront and the parent window which is the webpage is put in the background and its visibility is reduced.What is Lightbox in WordPress?

Lightboxes are responsive to different screen sizes and hence compatible with all kinds of smart devices.

You can use lightboxes to:

  • play a YouTube video,
  • display images as a gallery,
  • showcase screenshots to the users etc.

An Example of Lightbox.

As an example, I have placed the following image as a lightbox. When you click on it, you will see a popup/overlay with the image displayed on it.

Lightbox example

There are many WordPress plugins to install a Lightbox on your blog, few to mention are Simple lightbox, WP lightbox etc.

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