Last time, I discussed hardly about this Keyword Winner WordPress plugin in a blog post and revealed the exact purpose of it. The debate was whether this plugin will be worth for the money or not ? There are too many SEO plugins available in the market and Keyword winner is specially designed for “keyword research” in mind.

Update: I am no longer using Keyword Winner Plugin.

To quickly summarize the benefits of this plugin (for WordPress users):

  • Easy integration into the WordPress dashboard
  • Get suggestions, competition analysis, search trends on the blog post titles or keywords
  • Identifying low competition keywords which are easy to rank
  • Back link analysis & statistics which towards search engine ranking

Yesterday, I got an email from Daniel, the founder of Keyword winner saying that, the SEO plugin is available for a free trial & you have to pay just $7 to make use of it.

Further the email says:

he wants to get this in the hands of people who are really not sure on the full potential of this and rather then taking his word or other people’s word for it, he thinks its a good idea to put it to the test yourself.

My suggestion is: if you are seriously interested in SEO & search engine traffic then you could take a trial of this plugin. Otherwise, don’t bother….

This time, I found there are couple of videos from their official web site which shows, how to use keyword winner plugin ?

I thought of sharing those videos here which definitely, helps you to understand this plugin first before you take any trials….

How to use keyword winner for keyword research ?

A case study on, choosing keywords using keyword winner ? (with proof)


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