This is a pre-review of the latest and hottest keyword research WordPress plugin. Don’t worry, I am not going to push this product or plugin to you. When I see like many of the bloggers are suddenly writing reviews about this WordPress plugin and promoting it hardly. This made me be think, whether keyword winner plugin is worth for the money or not ?

  • Its the bloggers habit (esp those who called “Internet Marketers”) to promote a new product to Innocent Newbie’s ๐Ÿ™‚

In general, WordPress plugins are the life of bloggers who are using WordPress content management system. Because of its open source in nature and wide spread community of open developers, you could find solution for almost all the problems by means of a plugin. I would say, plugins are the heart? of any WordPress blog. Advantage is that, many of the WordPress plugins are released under free license.

Update: I no longer use Keyword Winner Plugin.

Background of Keyword Research In SEO.

Keyword research is the first step of SEO, because when you are about to implement a SEO strategy you have to understand the keywords and its competition in the market. Its almost about Google and its SERP (because it has the higher share of search visitors). Every blogger (beginner) understood’s over a period of time that keyword research plays a major role in driving traffic to their blog.

  • Its true that keyword research gives you great ideas especially to select the right keywords which are profitable. Almost all the profitable keywords are competitive (say, “quick weight loss”).
  • And the effect of keyword research is “GAP FILLING”. Yes, finding the gaps and filling it with your content. That means, out of the competition there are few left out keywords (not many pages already written in this world) and all you have to do, find such keywords and target them to rank for it.

This is the simplest explanation of Keyword Research.

Keyword Winner Plugin Is It Wasting Your Money ?

Having a handy tool to quickly find out the competition for a given keyword is great only. What this plugin will do ? and how it solves your problem ?

  • Lets say, you are buying this plugin.
  • Once activated, it helps you in selecting the keywords.
  • You are about to write a new blog post, get into this plugin (it comes above the posting window) and you will give a keyword.
  • This plugin takes your keyword and finds related keywords as well as shows the competition (number of pages indexed in search engines), the search trend.
  • It also highlights the high, medium, low competitive keywords in different colors as follows.
  • # RED – 1,000,000+++ competiting pages or higher (1,000,000 or more)
  • # ORANGE – 1,000,000— competiting pages or lower (between 100,000-1,000,000
  • # GREEN – 100,000— competiting pages or lower

In the end, you are shown with those keywords and you could pick one of the less competitive keyword for your new blog post. That’s it, you filled a GAP using Keyword Winner !

What Could Be The Results ?

Now I had a question in mind:

Do all the Orange colored keywords always are easy to catch 1st page of Google’s SERP ?

  • May not be. Yes, because the competition not always stands on the number of pages. Many times, even there are less pages but you could not compete for the top rankings. And at the same time, for many keywords you could easily compete for the top ranking as suggested by Keyword Winner.
  • What I mean to say, you could not simply take the keywords suggested by this plugin. You have to do a little more research even after using this keyword plugin. If it suggests, 20 Orange keywords you have to decide the best one from the 20.
  • You have to search Google, one-by-one and to analyze the top 10 pages to find the “GAP” for your blog post.

What’s My Conclusion ?

The conclusion I could think of about this plugin is: It actually takes all these keyword data from the free to use Google Tools like Google Trends, Google Insights, Keyword Tool etc.

Keyword Winner - Keyword Research WordPress Plugin

The Final Question:

If it takes all these data from free tools, why don’t you use these Google’s free tools itself ? And why do you need to buy this Keyword Winner Plugin unnecessarily ?

The benefit, it could see is Only TIME ! (it finds/analyzes the keywords itself and shows you the results to pick quickly).

So if you are person, want to perform keyword research quickly then its worth to Buy Keyword Winner. Otherwise, you don’t…

Price : $47 (for limited time)

Thanks !

Have You Tried Keyword Winner ? What Do You Think ?


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  1. What plugin do you use nowadays?

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Today I am using the free version of Yoast plugin, it has whatever needs to be done for SEO. For keywords, the Google Planner tool is well enough to research keyword ideas.

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