Working with blog is the real fun. Most of the blogger’s who are consistently blogging may know this basic fact. You may have an idea to begin multiple blogs to enjoy more and now the question comes like, is that idea good or bad ? This article reveals the truth to make you clear about taking the right decision about blogging.

Many of the beginning blogger’s are more curious about blogs and they will start multiple blogs on the first few weeks of blogging. Later they may have the feel that, Am I moving in the right direction ? Or Am I overloaded with more blogs ? Okay, lets discuss here something about this stuff then we could arrive to a conclusion.

What Is Required To Work With Multiple Blogs ?

There are no restrictions for beginning multiple blogs. Simply, you could register more and more with In reality, you should know what is really required to work with multiple blogs ?

  • Do you have enough time to blog ? You must know your time limits because blogging needs to spend quality amount of time. In fact, you have to manage time effectively to work with multiple blogs and to multitask. You have to do your day-to-day activities also.
  • Do you have the niche knowledge ? You have to write good content in your blogs. For that you need atleast 50% knowledge of the niche or the topics you have chosen to blog. Say, you have 5 different blogs then you should have the skill set to publish articles in all these 5 topics. Again that depends on how far you are passionate about a particular topic.

Finally, we believe time and knowledge is enough to work with multiple blogs. If you are using blogger then you don’t need to think about money. For self hosted bloggers, keep a note that you have to spend additional money for each of your blog hostings.

Now we are very much clear about what do you need to work with more blogs. Just think, do you have time & knowledge ? Working with multiple blogs for sure have certain advantages that you should know before taking a decision.

4 Advantages of Having Multiple Blogs.

  • You could build more number of income streams and more profits.
  • You could easily begin a new blog related to your old blog because you are an expert already.
  • You could gain more knowledge about blogging and internet marketing.
  • You are robust because when one blog fails, the other blog gives you the hand.

Its very simple, for sure there are more advantages that you may gain when running multiple blogs. So you are clear about the needs and gains of working with more blogs. Okay, lets go to the conclusion.

Conclusion: Is it good or bad idea ?

As we already discussed, if you have time and knowledge don’t wait go ahead and begin multiple blogs. It is bad to begin more than your limits. So understand your limits and decide that ‘x’ number of blogs.

The best idea is, start with 1 or 2 blogs and that should be your BASE BLOG’s. Select a good niche that you could write more. Start publishing great content, build decent traffic and get good number of readers for the BASE BLOGs. Once you have 1 or 2 established blogs, create new blogs related to that topic. So that you could easily redirect the traffic, readers and other benefits to the new one.

For example, if you have enough time to run 5 blogs at a time then don’t begin with 5 blogs. Instead, first start only 2 and invest your work for the growth of these blogs. Have a plan and target them first. Once you achieved the target, you could start another and another so that you could easily promote the new blog with the help of well built old blog.

That makes more sense, right ? Now you have to take a great decision and have fun with blogging !


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