If you’re new to article marketing and want to promote or review ladies golf clubs for instance, then the amount of information about this type of marketing can be frustrating and overwhelming at times. Who should you believe, and who should you not believe? What’s the best method, because there’s a bunch of controversy out there about whether article marketing even works at all. Article marketing is focused on SEO, which means search engine optimization.

Has everything about article marketing been exposed, and every tip and trick explored, and has this method gone extinct? There are positive and negative aspects and many expositions about article marketing. Google has gone through millions of websites with its new Farmer update. Some article marketers feel that it made a great deal of difference to their results, while others say that it made no difference whatsoever. Marketers will tell people that it’s killed their traffic, while some say that they still get lots of traffic to their site.

Article marketers have apparently chosen sides in the debate. There are lots of believers and nonbelievers in the bunch. This all makes it very confusing for those people new to the field of article marketing. Simply put, what’s the best way to promote your website? That’s the core question of what everyone needs to find out.

These days, a majority of people can depend on article promotion to earn their living, so ferreting out the important key facts is crucial. Should you make changes to your article marketing methods, or ditch them entirely? A few webmasters tend to bury their heads in the sand and ignore all the feedback while others transform their article marketing strategy into a winning situation. We’ve laid out a few for and against arguments to hopefully help you make your own decision.

Has Article Marketing Died And Gone Away?

Some formerly prosperous Internet marketers state that it’s gone for good. They even put their words where their mouth is on their blogs and websites. These marketers feel that Google’s Farmer update ditched the guidelines which they had become accustomed to, and they feel that this type of marketing will never enjoy the popularity that it once did. One insider with Google even said that his company was not particularly fond of article marketing.

Some article marketers produce a huge quantity of articles at a high rate of speed and then spew them forth onto the Internet. When you sow bad seed, you’ll only grow weeds. These types of articles are often spun by software, and there are often no humans involved with the rewrites. Good quality article directories with high traffic will get you a lot of readers and backlinks, and this should push you towards the front of Google’s rankings.

image on article writing...The only reason that articles are put on article directories is to get the articles republished, and spread the wealth as it were. If these articles are on high quality sites then Google should find it easier to find your own site on the WWW.  This theory, while it sounds good, appears to be dead in the water because webmasters don’t have any say over the republishing of their articles.

If the site has zero traffic and republishes your article, then no one will read it. If your articles are republished on hundreds of these junk sites, then your takeback will still be a big fat zero. Those who no longer favor article marketing, blame it all on Google’s Farmer update.

It’s said that Google targets duplicate content as well as lower quality sites.

  • A lot of article directories publish a great deal of low-quality content.
  • Ezinearticles.com is the avowed top-ranked article directory on the web.
  • They’ve tightened up their editorial guidelines, to include a body of at least 400 words, good punctuation, added value to a reader, good grammar, and relevancy to the title.
  • If you do all of this then your articles will be stronger in any case. There are still some rambling and poorer quality articles on Ezinearticles.com, as there are on other article directories, too.

Folks who are opposed to article marketing these days, tell us that you have to send out tons of articles to get any kind of results. And, they ask how can anyone keep up with that sort of pace. Google does its best to rid the WWW of lower quality articles and website copy, but article directories themselves will still have a bunch of gibberish up there occasionally.

  • A lot of article marketers love to send out hundreds and hundreds of similar articles.
  • This is done by using spinning software, and these articles can be sent to many hundreds of different article directories. Most of the latter have never been heard of by anyone who even looks at the Internet frequently.
  • Naturally, a majority of these articles are garbage.
  • If human eyes have not looked at them, then you can be sure that a computer will not be able to produce something that makes sense on its own.

If you do hire someone to write actual articles for you, or rewrite them, make sure that they are a good writer and that the language of your articles is their own native language.

Because of Google’s Farmer update, duplicate content in articles along with their backlinks, are not a favorite of the company. Google also feels that many thousands of people will not be looking at your site through these backlinks, because of duplicate backlinks.

Article marketers who don’t like article marketing anymore, feel that directories show up less and less in SERP results. You can check this yourself by just simply conducting the search.

It could be that article directory results are pages into a search. Also, naysayers on article marketing feel that more changes are always just on the horizon. Although Google makes many of the rules regarding fetched search engine results, article marketing is also a real crapshoot.

On The Other Hand…

A good portion of article marketers feel that article marketing is thriving, and they get great results from it. Some still use that shotgun method a push hundreds of articles out there for people to read, or ignore. This type of blanketing method for articles has lost popularity, but it has not disappeared.

ezine article directory

Is this useless ?

Whenever you put your keywords into Google to conduct a search, Ezinearticles.com will rank high a lot of the time. If you give that top article directory high quality articles, at the correct keyword density, your articles will show up on a Google search. This is pretty easy to do with a little practice. If you can get your article on the first or second page of a Google search, then it’s like winning an Oscar to article marketers.

Ezinearticles.com has instituted stricter guidelines, as many of us have found out as we go to list our articles on the directory. The company appears to be dedicated to staying on top and they work hard at doing so.

Many more article directories exist, but these would have to be individually checked out for their own guidelines. Ezinearticles.com is said to be the top leader amongst article directories.

  • If you’re in a positive frame of mind regarding article marketing, there is a very easy way to get over and through any controversy about the subject.
  • Just make sure that your articles are well written, unique, and you’ll be on the first few pages of the search engine result.
  • Make sure your articles are fun to read, full of facts, and unique.
  • Always put correct grammar, punctuation, and an interesting subject matter in there.
  • You’ll get plenty of traffic to your website this way.

Whenever Google changes its parameters, it does so to keep good content fresh. Give it what it wants and you’ll be fine. Article marketers who are on the ball keep in touch with trends and they welcome updates as well. Anything to strengthen the article marketing field, makes good business sense.

If you write a good article and put it on article directory, or on a website, that it will stay higher up in ranking and be left intact.

  • Google, while the avowed leader in search engines, is not the only one out there.
  • Just write your articles for human readers, make sure that everything is in order and then Google and any other search engine will find you.
  • In turn, this will bring readers to your site and your traffic will increase.

Pro article marketers feel that it’s a miss that penalties are put upon duplicate content and articles. Marketers can get wonderful results by using spinning software and producing articles with a shotgun approach.

Consider This

If you find yourself in a state of confusion, then there are many other people alongside of you! Article marketers need to do homework, and make a plan as soon as they can. Produce the highest quality articles, with unique content, and diversify!

There are other things other than article directories for any article marketing strategy. Use authority sites that are relevant to your own business or interest.

These always have a higher ranking. Use a good writer if you don’t produce the article yourself, because readers will tell if the article is inaccurate, or boring, or not well written. If you’re still on the fence about article marketing, then study a little more before deciding on how you’re about to proceed with marketing strategies.

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