Selling iPhone Apps is one of the best online business today and there are lot of people releasing new iPhone Apps every day. The market place is not almost saturated and even you could find room to release your own iPhone App to the market for sale.

The kind of revenue that iPhone App makes is really huge and all it needs great work. You have to make iPhone Apps that every one should love to use. In fact, a simple iPhone App could blast the marketplace with lot of downloads per day.

The underlying success of your iPhone App depends on your Idea and what problem the App addresses ? or other way, fun/game apps are the best downloaded ever by iPhone users.

People do spend money for great iPhone Apps as well as free apps are also most downloaded always.

As a money making business, there are 2 choices for you:

  • If you are a developer you could develop your own App – have an idea, develop the code, test it and launch to App store.
  • Otherwise: have an idea, hire some one from a freelancing web site, get it developed and tested, finally launch to App store.
  • Learn how to start iPhone App business ?

In either case, you could make money from iPhone App Advertising. Yes, like how do you monetize your blog, you could monetize your iPhone App using the Ad networks.

These Ad networks are specialized to integrate with your iPhone App and it works along with it. It takes advertisements from its server, show it on your App and gives you the revenue it makes from the users based on the impressions/clicks.

As a result, when your app has huge number of users, you are lucky that Ads will be shown to many people and you could make a lot of money !

Advertising on iPhone App

Advertising on iPhone App

In this article, i will take you through the list of iPhone app advertising networks which are available in the market. You could pick the one you like and use it to monetize your iPhone app. Lets get into the list….

#1 iAd mobile advertising network – iAd is one of the best Ad network directly owned by Apple and they are serving the most number of iPhone Apps already available in the market. This is an iOS based package and you could just integrate with your iPhone App easily and the reset will be taken care by Apple.

They claim that currently every 100’s of their publishers are earning $50,000 per quarter in average. iAd shares you 60% of the income generated by your iPhone App (and remaining 40% goes for iAd network).

#2 AdMob Ads SDK – AdMob has the SDK which is compatible to work with Android based Apps as well as iPhone based apps. It has the interface available to directly pull advertisers from the DoubleClick network (owned by Google). It is also compatible with Windows 7 based Apps and you could sell Ad space directly from your iPhone Apps. DoubleClick is one of the biggest advertiser/publisher network where you could find advertisers for almost all the niches.

#3 Aditic Advertising Network – This is not only an App advertising network, it has support to monetize your mobile based web sites or blogs. Their SDK is compatible to work with iPhone, Android based devices, Blackberry, Windows based and even Nokia phones. It has Geo-localised feature which enables you to show advertisements to targeted audience and hence you could potentially increase your income. Supports different formats of advertisements right from Banners, Flash to Video advertisements on-the-go.

#4 Smatto App Advertising Network – This is one of the highest paying Ad network which gives 90% of Ad earnings to you and keeps only the remaining 10%. It has simple APIs which gives access to multiple Ad networks around the countries and you could pick the required Ad networks. However, to join Smatto you must generate 30+ million page impressions per month and it is compatible with iPhone iOS, Android, Nokia OVI, windows, blackberry. Their SOMA Mobile Ad optimizer helps you serve targeted advertisements based on the App users.

#5 iPhoneAlliance – Alliance represents about 50 million page views delivered from 10 million App users around the world specialized in iPhone App advertising. They are providing an end-to-end Ad solution which helps you to configure, manage and to optimize your ad performance so that you could maximize your earnings from iPhone Apps. Though i don;t see any latest news on their site, i believe they are still active in the market.

#6 mobclix App Advertising – This is one of the ad network which supports real-time bidding for advertisers and hence there are more possibilities to maximize your earnings. They have impression based earnings and your App gets the power to earn from each Ad impression it makes. Like other programs, it connects with multiple ad networks and gives you single payment. Payment threshold is $100 and you could find more information in their FAQ page.

#7 LeadBolt App Advertising – With this Mobile App network, you could integrate their SDK to monetize your Apps. They support different formats of advertisements like Text Ads, Banner Ads, Video Ads etc. You could customize the Ad placements like entry Ads, exit Ads, Menu Ads and test around to maximize your earnings. Further, it has Ad notifications where the advertisement appears to the user as a notification and hence more impressions/clicks.

Few other iPhone App Advertising Networks…

Keep in mind that a problem solving or an entertaining iPhone App never fails to make huge money !

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