If you are running a blog of course, you will be monetizing it. I know, you work hard for 2 main things: 1) to drive a lot of traffic to your blog 2) to make a lot of money from your blog. These are the 2 major problems for bloggers like you.

When you see many of the successful bloggers making money, you will be inspired and you will start working harder day-by-day. However, not many of the bloggers are successful and they are not able to make as much as money they think. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

There are a lot of blogs which are not getting huge traffic and not even making a dollar income. With exceptions, depending on your blog topic and how the way you promote the blog, you can make it possible.hard worker

Yes, you can drive a lot more traffic and make lot more money from your blog.

Frankly, with new dynamic SEO changes made by Google every month, bloggers are forced to employ diversified strategies right from building a blog brand to finding alternative sources of traffic (other than Google search).

Now the question is, can I instantly monetize my blog? That too, without doing any hard work?

Yes, you can do it.

Let’s see how.

1. Convert keywords into highly profitable affiliate links.

There are a lot of WordPress plugins to quickly convert given keywords into affiliate links. You can try the free version of AffiLinker and see, how it helps you to instantly monetize your blog.

Further, with AffiLinker you can customize the look and feel of every affiliate link, you can make your visitors to click on it.

Interestingly, when more people click on the affiliate link there are more chances of conversion/sale.

The secret of affiliate marketing is that you have to show the right product to your readers. I mean, the affiliate product must be closed related to your blog’s topic and it should somehow help your readers to solve their problem.

Basically, the product taken for promotion must be targeted to the readers problem.

2. Effectively utilize the hot spot in your blog.

Depending on your blog design, you have to identify the hot spot in your blog. I mean, the web-page or a corner place in your blog which creates more attraction or where most of visitors will be looking.

Few of the example hot spots are: the top-right corner, the top-left corner, the top menu etc.

You can simply try a free heatmap plugin to identify those hot spot in your blog. Once you identify those spots, you can use those places to show an Ad or simply, place a banner/link to product’s sale page. You can also simply link to an affiliate product.

The advantage: all your visitor will be paying attention to the hot spot and they will find your promotion. Hence more chances that they will act on it.

A heat map experiment shows, how the web readers are behaving with an web page. Few of the key points are:

  • Readers follow a F-shape pattern, while reading a web page
  • Readers love-to-read article summaries rather than the whole body
  • Contrast colors are wise to guide through the readers
  • You can see more about this experiment and another experiment. heat-map-pattern

This is one of the quickest method to increase your blog income without doing any hard work.

Try this, it works.

3. Why don’t you collect E-Mail Id’s from your readers?

If you are not building an e-mail list in your blog then definitely you are leaving a loophole. You are missing a big opportunity in your blog.

When you collect e-mail id from your readers, you can ping them any time, you can bring them back to your blog.

This way, you can easily create a regular audience around your blog. If you see many of the successful bloggers, they will be paying a lot more attention to e-mail id collection, they will be showing a lot of pop-up’s to collect e-mail id.

You can try Mailchimp for free, using it you can create an e-mail list and also, they have decent popup widgets. Alternatively, you can try SumoMe for free and it has great features that helps to quickly build an e-mail list for your blog.

Once you started building a list of email readers, you can promote a product to them or offer something to try. Generally, your email readers are those “who know you well” and they know why they had subscribed with you.

That means, your email readers will trust your recommendation and chances are more that they will follow you.

The following infographic with stats show more details about how e-mail lists are important for a business?E-Mail Statistics

It’s simple to setup an email list using Mailchimp, SumoMe. Of course, no hard work required.


There are a lot more ways to monetize your blog, I have discussed many times in BlashO.

You can explore further:

When I think quickly these are the 3 methods coming to my mind.

  • First, start building an email list, build readers trust and slowly promote offers to your e-mail readers.
  • Use AffiLinker and quickly convert keywords into profitable affiliate links, to products which are closely related to your readers and their problems.
  • Identify the hot spot in your blog and promote an offer from that place (show a text/banner with affiliate link or show an Ad).

Now go back to work, try these methods and enjoy.


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