In this Infographic, we can understand how blog loading time is important and how it impacts everything. Also, the popular WordPress plugins that can help to speed up your blog without doing any hard work.

Here are the interesting data captured from the Infographic:

  • Every 100-millisecond increase in delay causes 1% revenue drop
  • Every 500-millisecond increase in delay causes 20% traffic drop
  • 1-second delay in loading may lead to 7% loss in conversion, 11% fewer page views, 16% reduced customer satisfaction
  • Surprisingly, WordPress is the slow loading Content Management System(CMS) when compared to Joomla, Drupal.
  • Site speed has direct impact on:
    • SEO benefits
    • High Conversion Rate
    • Reduces Bounce Rate
    • Improved User Experience

Popular WordPress Plugins That Helps To Improve Loading Time.

  • W3 Total Cache – Supports all type of web cache right from browser, database, object as well as CSS/JavaScript script minifications. I am using it here in BlashO.
  • WP Super Cache – An alternative to W3TC, this plugin creates a static HTML version of every page in your blog and serves that quickly without any server-side processings.
  • WP Smush – A must have WordPress plugin that reduces image size and hence your pages can load faster.
  • WP Minify – This plugin quickly combines all the CSS into a single file and also, all the JavaScript files into single file. It also compresses and minifies the file. Hence improves blog loading time. If you are using W3TC then WP Minify is not required.
  • EWWW Image Optimizer – This is my favorite and using it here in BlashO. A perfect alternative for WP Smush.It supports different image file formats.
  • Plugin Performance Profiler (P3) – A must have WordPress plugin that profiles all the active plugins in your blog. It measures the page performance and finds out what are all the plugins are slowing down your blog – developed by Godaddy.
  • WP Booster CDN Client – WordPress plugin to enable WPBooster CDN. If you are looking to use a CDN better go for CloudFlare (it’s free) and you can easily integrate CloudFlare with W3 Total Cache.

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