The ultimate aim of a blogger with a business mind is all about traffic generation. When it comes to blog traffic: you get visitors from various sources like search engines, social media as well as referral traffic from other sites which plays a major role apart from regular visitors.

Your visitors are not just materials they come, land a page and stick to it forever. Instead, your visitors are information seekers who move from page to page rapidly.

The study on browsing behavior shows that on average a visitor leaving the page on the first 10 seconds is more. Hence, those first few seconds are crucial for us and we have to impress the visitors in that short duration.Average blog visitor leaving time

Why Do You Want to Increase Page Views?

Few of the important metrics of web analytics is how long the visitors are staying on your blog and how many pages are viewed (that’s pageview).

You can measure page views in two ways:

  1. total number of page views happened duration a period of time
  2. the average number of pages viewed by a single user (pageviews per visit)

Generally, pageviews help you to increase your Advertisement revenue (basically increases the Ad Impressions) and hence more income especially when you are paid per 1000 impressions.

Further, more pageviews are required especially if you want the visitors to engage with your blog. More page views mean there’s more engagement happening between the visitors vs blog.

That’s a healthy sign of your blog growth.How to increase page views in WordPress?

How About More Interlinking to your Own Blog Posts?

The simplest trick is to add more links to your blog post. Your content should contain a lot of links to other blog posts which are highly relevant or related to the topic of interest.

That means, when someone is reading an article, you are creating more opportunity for them to read a lot by interlinking other blog posts.

If you are using WordPress then the free SEO Smart links plugin is must to have. This plugin automatically interlinks the blog posts to given keywords or it finds itself relevant keywords and links to it.

Hence, a reader will notice more relevant links “inside content” which leads to more page views.

Show Related Blog Posts.

The most usual column in a blog. Related blog posts are where you can show a list of blog posts which are closely related to the current one.

By showing related blog posts, when a visitor completely reads an article he or she will find more content to read. This leads to reading more content and readers will be kept on getting more related content from every blog post. Hence more page views.

YARPP is one of the must-have WordPress plugin to show more accurate related blog posts, as well as the design, can be customized easily.

Collate Your Popular/Best Posts from Sidebar.

By showing the list of popular blog posts or most commented blog posts, you are opening more opportunity for your readers to read.

People will be always interested to know what’s hot happening on your blog. When they really like your content they will be interested to find more such content. That’s natural.

You can use a plugin like popular blog posts to show popular content as well as most commented posts on the sidebar of your blog.

Add Relevant Links to the Blog’s Main Menu.

The main navigation bar is the top menu where you can showcase those important pages on your blog.

Make sure you are linking to relevant pages from that main menu.

  • Few examples of relevant links are the most interesting category page of your blog, the most creative content on your blog, a product page.

You can also make the menu sticky and float so that it will be always visible to the readers using Ubermenu plugin.

This way, visitors will find those interesting links and they will click on links.

Hence increase in page views.

Show Links to Previous, Next Blog Posts.

Many of the WordPress themes are having this feature.

Every blog post will have two links:

  1. to the next blog post
  2. to the previous blog post

This readily improves your blog navigation and makes the visitor keep on reading more articles. Hence, you can increase page views. In case, if your theme is not having this feature, you can try a plugin like WP Post Navigation to enable prev/next navigation bars.

How a Great Blog Design and Standout Stuff can Increase Page Views?

When you are using a professionally designed WordPress theme you can easily attract the visitors.

I use the Avada theme which has 100’s of creative features and helps to showcase my content as well as products nicely.

A great blog design attracts the visitor and they will love to explore more about your blog naturally. Hence, more page views naturally.

You can explore Themeforest and Elegant themes in order to find a great design for your blog.

Use a Bigger Font Size and An Attractive Font Style.

Font size & style plays a major psychological role in page views. You have to use the right combination of font styles in order to attract the visitor’s eye. Further, it is always good to use a readable font size of at least +12px.

The following infographic by designmatic shows how to craft great Typography. I have also compiled a great list of best fonts for blog especially suitable for content-rich blogs.Infographic on font style

Show Standout Headings and Sub-Heading.

Your blog post title always plays a major role in visitor attraction.

Create headings that are awesome and can attract the visitors. It has to stand out and for that, you should understand more about call-to-action words.

By using call-to-action words, you trigger the visitors to take an action on your blog.

  • A simple example would be: instead of having a heading like “Related blog posts” you can show something interesting like “How else I can help?”. This way you are triggering a conversation with your reader and they will definitely react to it.

You can also analyze the headlines using this free tool and tweak it for better attraction.

Set up a fast loading blog.

Your blog loading time directly affects the user experience.

None of your visitors can wait for a minute to see your web page. People need to find their information as quick as possible. At the same time, if you are serving them faster naturally they will try to explore more content on your blog.

Today many of our blog visitors are using Smartphones and Tablets. Hence, you have to make sure that your blog is loading quickly on these smaller screens other than the PC/Laptop screen.

You can read the below tips to improve your blog’s loading time.


These are few of the practical methods you can easily implement to increase page views on your blog.

To summarize:

  • Understand why do you want to get more page views and what do you want to achieve from it.
  • Always interlink to relevant blog posts inside the content and make sure, you are always linking to those old blog post on your blog. You can automate it using SEO Smart Links plugin.
  • Show related blog posts at the end of the article, as well as consider showing those most commented, popular blog posts on the sidebar.
  • Link to relevant as well as interesting pages from the top main menu of your blog.
  • Use a bigger font size as well as a cool looking readable font style.
  • Create headings, sub-headings with call-to-action words in it.
  • Show links to previous, next blog posts.
  • Improve your blog’s loading time.

When you offer great content to your readers, obviously they will be staying for longer duration in your page, they expect more similar content and hence they will navigate more pages in your blog leading to increased page views.

Good Luck.


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