Affiliate marketing is one of the main source of blog income. Its quite highly profitable method when compared to running advertisements like Google Adsense or others. Because most of the affiliate networks are paying higher commissions. You will be making up to 70% commission, especially with Clickbank on a single product sale. And if the product costs 100$, you will get 70$ earned. Its better than PPC ads many times. So as a blogger, you should not omit the affiliate income. This article tells you few tweaks that helps to increase your affiliate income instantly.

Considering Purpose Of Affiliate Product.

Many blogs are promoting affiliate products by “just picking” few from any of their affiliate network. It should not be just picking instead you have to research the product first. Find out the purpose of the affiliate product and see whether it solves the buyer problem. So understand the visitors problem and select the product which definitely addresses that problem.

This way, your visitor will see relevant quality products which is purposeful in nature and increases the chances of sales !

Lets Count On Income !

Lets Count On Income !

Going Contextual Promotion.

Google Adsense is most popular because of its contextual nature. We could inherit that contextualize our self to affiliate marketing. How ? The most common strategy is promoting products which are closed related to your blog topic.

Now we shall go one step further to promote products based on the current “Category of your blog. For example, if your blog has 10 categories and if the visitor is reading an article from category_5 then we should list products related to category_5. Similarly, if she reads an article from category_2 then we should list products related to category_2. Its an intelligent idea of affiliate promotion.

If you are using wordpress, see this article on how to add category specific affiliate products ? (this will be available soon)

Boost Income Using Plugins.

For wordpress blog users, there are number of handy plugins which helps you to simply increase the affiliate sales. The following articles will locate the best plugins specially designed to promote affiliate products easily on your blog. Try them out, you will see great results.

Stick To Converting Products.

The most common mistake of beginners is that, they will pick 10 products at a time and dumping the blog with banners. You should do that, instead select 3 to 4 quality products, wait for a month and see the results. Use GoCodes Plugin for wordpress which helps you to track the Clicks inside your wordpress dashboard.

Filter products which are not performing well, remove it and replace with another product. This way, over a period of time your blog will have quality affiliate products which are converting good. But you need patience. For high traffic blogs, its quite easy to measure the product conversion in a week but for low traffic blogs, you need patience.

Few more ways to increase affiliate income:



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